Tuesday, 28 February 2012

We Got Married to resume normal broadcast this coming March 3

Due to the ongoing strike on broadcast station MBC, various shows have been affected and one of these shows is "We Got Married", for several weeks now, the show has been airing special broadcast which has disappointed fans.

However, MBC is glad to announce that there has been arrangements made and "We Got Married" will be resuming normal broadcast of new episodes starting this 3rd of March. Due to the strike, the various shows of MBC have been having difficulty looking for a crew which caused hindrances to shows like "Infinite Challenge", "Golden Fishery - Radio Star", "Rockman" and "I am a Singer".

Along with the angry fans sending their complaints with their shows airing special broadcasts instead of new episodes week by week, MBC has been strained to resolve the situation as fast as possible. Fortunately, We Got Married will be experiencing no more problems and air new episodes starting this March 3.
via dkpopnews.net

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