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Super Junior-M unveils MV for ‘S.O.L.O’ featuring Siwon and Donghae

Super Junior-M has released the music video for the OST track “S.O.L.O” featuring Siwon and Donghae!
“S.O.L.O” is the main theme song for Taiwanese drama ‘Skip Beat‘ starring Siwon, Donghae, Ivy Chen, and Bianca Bai. The MV includes scenes of Siwon and Donghae from the drama.
Check out the MV below!
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Super Junior’ Shindong promises to lose 24 lbs for Beatles Code 2

Super Junior‘s Shindong who is the new MC for Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ made a vow to lose 11 kg (24 lbs) for the show!
To show his determination as the new MC, Shindong stated that he will decrease his weight from 91 kg to 80 kg. He hilarious added that if he doesn’t succeed, his co-MC gagman Jang Dong Min would have to leave the show.
During the episode, Shindong also caused much laughter when he engaged in a dance battle with Jay Park which resulted in his wig dropping to the floor.
This episode of ‘Beatles Code 2′ will air on March 29th.
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk shows off his long & sexy legs

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently shared a photo of his long and sexy legs. On March 29, Leeteuk shared the above photo and wrote, “I have plenty of time.”
The photo was actually photoshopped by a fan and shows Leeteuk wearing a white robe while putting one of his legs on top of a drawer. Fans compared the photo with Ha Ji Won’s similar pose in MBC’s drama ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.
They wrote, “Leeteuk is so sexy,” “The two stars look a like,” “She is just putting her legs on a desk,” “Leeteuk, you make my heart flutter,” and “That’s funny.”
At least we know those aren’t his real legs, or else the world just isn’t fair to some of us girls.

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter
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Super Junior’s Siwon is excited to perform for their French fans

On March 30, Super Junior’s Siwon shared the above photo and wrote, “Just the thought of going in front of you soon in a different style makes me dizzy. I’m absolutely happy ^^.”
The photo shows Siwon making a hilarious facial expression as he grins widely while staring up at the ceiling. He added some birds flying over his head to make the photo even more amusing.
Meanwhile, Super Junior will become the first K-Pop artist to hold a solo concert in Paris with their “Super Show 4” scheduled for April 6 at Le Zenith de Paris.
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk looks like Ha Ji Won?

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently released a photoshopped picture of him which reminded people of Ha Ji Won.
On March 29, Leeteuk tweeted a picture with the comment, “I have plenty of time.”
In the black and white picture, Leeteuk is putting one of his legs on a chest of drawers and is staring off into the distance. One of his fans photoshopped the picture with Leetuek.
The picture, however, reminded people of a picture of Ha Ji Won, who appears on MBC’s series The King 2 Hearts. In the picture, Ha is putting her legs on a desk while sitting on a chair. Ha is posing similar to Leeteuk but her pose is more strict.
The picture, which features Ha’s beautiful legs, drew a lot of attention. The reason why Ha posed like the picture will air on the March 29 episode of the series.
People responded: “Leeteuk is so sexy.” “The two stars look a like.” “She is just putting her legs on a desk.” “Leeteuk, you make my heart flutter.” “That’s funny.”

Source: TV Report

Super Junior’s Shindong promises to lose 9 kilos in a week

Super Junior’s Shindong recently promised to lose weight.
Shindong appeared on the March 29 episode of cable channel Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 as an MC and said that he will lose weight as a promotion for the show.
He honestly said that he weighs 91 kilograms and he will go down to 80 kilograms in a week.
Since he is the MC for the show, he felt it was his calling and said that he would even burn his body. Shindong jokingly said, “If I fail in losing weight, Jang Dong Min will not appear on the show anymore.”
Nine Muses’ E U Ae Rin, who has a perfect figure, also appears on the show and said that her nickname is Kim Tae Won.
The reason she earned the nickname is because she attended an audition wearing all black and with her hair tied back and wearing sunglasses. People said that they couldn’t imagine it, so E U Ae Rin transformed into Kim Tae Won by wearing sunglasses and made the cast members laugh.

Source: TV Report

Super Junior’s Leeteuk looks like a duck?

Super Junior’s Leeteuk resembles a duck 120%.
On March 28, Leeteuk uploaded a picture and tweeted, “Was I really a duck in my past life?”
The picture shows Leeteuk’s appearance from behind. The appearance looks especially funny because it is so similar to that of a duckling.
Netizens commented: “His appearance from behind is hilarious.” “You look so cute running like that.” “You have a butt like a duck’s”
Leeteuk will play an active part on SBS TV’s Strong Heart, which will make a fresh new start.

Source: TV Report

Super Junior’s Shindong leaves Strong Heart for good, leaving Leeteuk and Eunhyuk behind

Recently, Super Junior’s Shindong quit appearing in SBS’s Strong Heart.
A staff member of SM Entertainment said on March 28, in a phone interview with TV Report, “In order to appeal with a new side of him, Shindong has decided to get off the show Strong Heart. To fill the absence of Shindong, Leeteuk, Eunhuk, and Boom will begin to form a group with a new look in the show.”
Every week, Shindong has been credited for giving a good laugh to viewers as a part of Boom Academy inStrong Heart.
The star has expanded his area of activity as he is recently cast to host MBC Music’s Show Champion and’s Beatles Code Season 2.
In the upcoming episode of Strong Heart which airs on April 10, Shin Dong Yeob and Lee Dong Wook will make an appearance as new emcees of the show.
Source: TV Report

Kim Shin Young & Shindong perform parodies of “Touch” & “Bubble Pop” + SHINee’s win on ‘Show Champion’

[Update: Shindong's "Bubble Pop" performance added.]
Kim Shin Young has grabbed netizens’ attention after wearing the same ‘bandage dress’ as miss A.
On the March 27th live broadcast of TV MBC MUSIC‘s ‘Show Champion‘, comedian Kim Shin Youngwho has dropped an impressive amount of weight, stepped on stage wearing the same stage ensemble as female idol group miss A.
Performing her parody of hit song “Touch“, Kim Shin Young displayed her wit by changing the lyrics of the song to, ‘They tell you you’ll be prettier if you lose weight, but it’s all a lie~‘, evoking laughter amongst audience members.
Same outfit as Suzy, but looks so different,” netizens wrote after watching her performance, as well as, “Shes cute~“, and “No one can compare with Suzy.
Super Junior‘s Shindong also performed his parody of HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop” and faced off against Shin Young.
In addition, on the same show, idol group SHINee achieved first place within 5 days of their comeback!
After being crowned the winners for this week, the members thanked their fans, and Minho even kissed their championship trophy, showing their joy at winning first place.
Congratulations to SHINee, and check out their winning moment below if you haven’t seen it already!
Source + Images: OSEN, TVReport via Nate

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Fans of Kyuhyun and Sunny donate 7.6 tons of rice for ‘Catch Me If You Can’

On March 28th, the press call for the musical ‘Catch Me If You Can‘ opened up to a heartwarming start with rice donations from fans of Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny.
Fans from all over the world sent in wreaths of rice totaling to 7.6 tons. Fans of Super Junior from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, and Malaysia sent in a total of 3.64 tons. Super Junior have reportedly donated up to 10 tons of rice to charity since 2007. Girls’ Generation fans from China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the States, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand donated an additional 3.809 tons.
Representatives of the charity organization stated, “Fans of Kyuhyun and Sunny had rice pre-ordered about a month ago. Becaues there wasn’t enough room at the performance hall to put up all of the rice wreaths, they left message board letters up.”
The rice bags will be donated to the needy.
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate
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Yesung visited his fansite!

A photo of messages in a chatbox was uploaded through Yesung's official Twitter account on March 27th.

It turns out that Super Junior's Yesung made a surprise visit on one of his fansites. He uploaded the photo below which is the screen shot of the chatbox and wrote “A sudden invasion while fanpage hopping! This is fun haha. Were you guys deceived your entire lives or something?” and surprise fans.
Yesung used "guest_snb" as his username on the chatroom. His first message on the chatroom was “Hey yo!” and the fans greeted him back not knowing that he is Yesung. He then wrote, “I really just happened to visit by accident, so I’ll be looking around.” His final message was, “I’m not lying. I’m really Yesung.” and left the fans in shocked.

Unfortunately, the fans who were on the chatroom didn't believe him and replied with "No Way" so after seeing this picture that he tweeted, the fans might feel sorry that they didn't believe the "guest".

Source: Yesung's Twitter
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