Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Conan O’Brien attempts Super Junior’s SORRY SORRY dance but fails

You probably weren’t expecting this, but Super Junior made an appearance through Conan O’Brien’s show, though not physically.
Indeed, the group made an appearance through their hit song Sorry Sorry. It turns out that a Chinese talk show Da Peng had been artistically inspired by Conan’s show’s opening, so the Chinese talk show decided to create something similar. However, this didn’t go by Conan unnoticed as he talked about it on a previous show. Da Peng’s hosts sent a video apology to Conan and also danced to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry.
Conan, however, was a little bewildered by the dance and tried to imitate it but…
Conan, do you realize the significance behind your moves?
Via Ningin Blog

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