Sunday, 18 March 2012

Donghae Show Affection Towards EunSeo

Donghae catches attention for his gentleness as he escorted WGM partner So Eun Seo as she attends a red carpet awarding ceremony.

On March 17th episode of We Got Married, Donghae showed his affection towards EunSeo.
He volunteered to escort EunSeo in an awarding ceremony.

Donghae, a true gentleman himself, did everything while escorting Eunseo like opening the car door and guiding her. People watching from the studio feel envious.

Ko Young Wook utters, “What a good looking bodyguard,” and made everyone burst into laughter.

Eunseo, who won an award acknowledge Donghae through her acceptance speech and express her gratitude, “I really want to thank Donghae for escorting me today.”

Source: TV Report
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