Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Eunhyuk's Twitter Update

감사합니다♬ 감사합니다♬ 태국 슈퍼쇼 3회 꽉꽉 채워 준 태국엘프!!!!!! 감사합니다♬ 감사합니다♬
Thank you♬ Thank you♬ ELF who filled up all the 3 Super Show in Thailand!!!!!! Thank you♬ Thank you♬

//(I'm I'm not wrong, he's imitating one of the ad singing kamsahamnida♬ kamsahamnida♬~
boys did it b4, and if u listen to sukira, I'm sure u heard this ad b4 xD


늦었지만...마카오 슈퍼쇼에 왔었던 ELF!!!! 파랭이들 스릉흔드~♥ 이사진 몬가...키가 180은 돼보인다 좋다 으킄킄킄 롱다리~♬ 롱다리~♬
I'm late but...ELF who came to Super Show in Macau!!!! Blue babies I love you~♥ This photo ...looks like I'm about 180cm tall. Nice. eu keuk keuk keuk(laughter) Long legs~♬ Long legs~♬

//ps: 파랭이(pa-raeng-i) means something blue, I wrote it as blue babies since Heechul used this word b4 when he wrote it in English :D

Source: Eunhyuk's Twitter
Translated by @Jinn8812elf

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