Thursday, 8 March 2012

Join Kpopmart package unboxing event and win amazing gifts!

KPopmart is back again with another amazing giveaway!

Check out this post for more details regarding this contest!
What is it?
A KPOPMART package unboxing event.

How to join?
Make a video clip of unboxing a Kpopmart package upload to, Kindly post up at Kpopmart facebook and tumblr and

Who can join?
Any customer who placed an order from and got the package before April 30.

How long is the giveaway? 
March 8 - April 30

Video clip must be less than 5 minutes. - Can include voice, subtitles, caption with back ground music. - The more likes, the higher chance you have to win. - Don’t forget to mention our service on packing and delivery.

Prizes : 1. U-kiss autographed CD(Only One)
            2. Boyfriend autographed CD(Don’t Touch My Girl) 
            3~4. Official desk calendar : SNSD and Super Junior 
            5~6. Official diary : SNSD and Super Junior


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