Thursday, 8 March 2012

The oldest Super Junior and the youngest TEEN TOP

The average ages of idol boy groups are currently attracting many people’s attention.
A post under the title of “Boy groups’ average ages” has recently been uploaded on an online cummunity board.
This post shows average ages of the boy groups that are currently active. According to the post, Super Junior is the oldest as the members’ average age is 27.6 and TEEN TOP is the youngest as theirs is 19.3. The average age difference between Super Junior and TEEN TOP is 8.3.
People responded: “Shinhwa is still active, too,” “TVXQ and SS501 also debuted when they were teenagers!” “The average age 25 is one of the oldest!”
The ranking of girl groups’ average age, height, and singing ability is also currently hot online.

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