Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shindong with Kim Daewon!

Super Junior's Shindong tweeted new photos with Kim Daewon.

On February 29th, the first photo above was shared by Shindong through his Twitter account with a caption "Too much to hide?? Asked my girlfriend what actually exists, these kind of words.. hehe It will be release now.. Start from the back.. If you guys are very curious, face will be revealed soon~~ puhehehehehe~~ Pretty, pretty~ Even the back is also cute! hehe" .

Shindong said that the one he is hugging is his girlfriend and he also said that he will reveal the face soon so after a while the second photo was posted and it turns out to be Kim Daewon.

"Because everyone is wondering, I’m going to show up the face!! za zan!! How come you guys eyesight is so good!! That’s right!! It’s Kim Daewon sunbae!! Today is the first time to record the Beatles Code 2nd session with sunbae!! Please look forward to premiere!! Now, am I the MC? keke" Shindong continued as he revealed the second picture.

Source: Shindong's Twitter
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