Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shindong’s girlfriend turns out to be… Kim Tae Won?

Super Junior’s Shindong recently released a picture of his girlfriend and drew a lot of attention.
On February 29, Shindong posted a picture of himself with Kim Tae Won on his me2day account with the comment, “Since you are curious about the person, I will unveil the person today! How did you know? You were right! The person is Kim Tae Won! I recorded the 1st episode of the show Beatles Code 2 today! Please watch the show!”
Shindong previously posted a picture of himself with a person’s back on his me2day account with the comment, “Did I hide too much? People are asking me if I really have a girlfriend or not. I will unveil my girlfriend now. If you say you are curious about her face, I will unveil her face later too. She is pretty. Her back even looks lovely.”
However, the person was not Shindong’s girlfriend, he was singer Kim Tae Won. Shindong recently became an MC for Mnet’s Beatles Code 2 with Kim.
People responded: “You totally got me.” “I knew you took the picture with Kim Tae Won.” “How can you lie to the public?” “You are so funny.” “Your girlfriend will feel sad if she finds out about this.” “Shindong is so funny.” “I can’t wait to see the show.”

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