Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Siwon Doesn’t Like The Refurbished SME Building!

Super Junior’s Siwon isn’t really feeling the new look of the SM Entertainment agency building, but what exactly is his complaint? 

Along with the picture above, the disappointed idol tweeted, “It doesn’t have yellow anymore, the trademark color,” expressing his sadness over the loss of the sunshine shade.
For reference, here’s the old SME building:
The photograph shows the exterior of the old office building that was borne and raised in Apgujeong Station in Seoul, currently sporting a big, new logo of SMTOWN. Netizens and fans who saw his tweet replied with mixed feelings:
“Maybe Siwon does not like the new logo for SM building?” “Let us look at the interior of new SM building.” “Maybe he misses it for he has made many memories there.”
But not all changes are bad: SM Entertainment has recently relocated a part of its agency to a new place in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, overlooking the beautiful Han River and providing one the best facilities compared to other agencies.
Do you guys like the old color of the building? I personally like the new logo, but the new color is sort of a depressing shade…
via Ningin Blog

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