Saturday, 10 March 2012

Super Junior, "Calm magnanimity even to stalker anti-fans."

Idol group Super Junior has come to attention for their broad-minded way of tackling stalker anti-fans. In the midst of the recent firestorm surrounding JYJ and other idols' stalker fans' overboard actions, Super Junior was also found to have been on the receiving end of nasty actions by stalker anti-fans.

Recently, a thread was started on an online community forum titled "Super Junior anti-fans' actions towards Super Junior". In the thread, many acts of Super Junior's stalker anti-fans surfaced. Since 2006 until now, these people have continuously and consistently been active, and act in ways different from just regular anti-fans. They obtain the key access code to Super Junior's dormitories in secret and enter the apartments or leave behind obscene words as vandalism within their apartment, hang female lingerie on the door handles, directly intruding on their private lives. These people are known as stalker anti-fans. Aside from this, they also obtain the members cell phone numbers and prank call them, sometimes just to curse and swear at them, or spread their phone numbers online, and leave bad comments on the members' mini-hompys (personal blogs). These people are not ashamed at all of their actions and proudly post pictures and evidences of their deeds online, startling many.

(Picture 1: Stalker fans posts on online communities; 2: Leeteuk's cyworld entry)

[Translation of Leeteuk's Cyworld entry] Title: ..GaeTeuk.. (Dog Teuk) Date: 2008.11.16 20:54 This is the nickname that antis call me.. GaeTeuk…^^;; At first I really hated it, but now I'm fine.. I don't get worked up over something.. as small as that ~~~~ eke I can even talk about it freely on broadcasts now..^^ GaeTeuk.. Now has many meanings.. kekekeke GAEgireumLeeTEUK (Greasy faced Leeteuk).. GAEgeuhaneunLeeTEUK (Leeteuk who does gags).. I suppose the original meaning (by antis) wasn't supposed to be one of these right?^^; eke As expected, it just depends on how you think about it.. Looking at that picture (he attached).. I'm really DogTeuk.. kekeke I shall strive to become an even more magnanimous person!!!^^ Why?!!!! Because I'm Park Jungsu.. Because I'm Teukie Teukie Leeteukie. keke That's cute isn't it?? kekeke -------

Yet it was also mentioned that Sungmin had even treated a group of anti-fans to a meal. In the aforementioned thread there was also a screenshot of Leeteuk's cyworld post where he made a pass at these stalker anti-fans saying "GaeTeuk is the nickname anti-fans call me. I hated it at first, but I'm fine with it now", simply letting the anti-fans personal attacks pass with a laugh. On this matter, netizens commented "How can they go as far as to enter their apartments and vandalize?!" "Seriously anti-fans are overboard" "Super Junior is really chill huh".

[Star Today, Reporter Choi Jinsil] 

Source: Star Today Trans: AllRiseXiahtic  
Credit: livejournal

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