Sunday, 18 March 2012

Super Junior is joined by ‘Marilyn Mingro’ in Super Show 4

After pleasing ELFs with their various international stars such as Lady Hee Hee and Beyonce-DongSuper Junior is back again with their very own Marilyn Mingro!
For the purpose of the greatly-anticipated Super Show 4, the aegyo prince Sungmin has transformed to “Marilyn Mingro”, as he shared through his Twitter with the caption:
“Marilyn Mingro’s new hairstyle! Truthfully, the hair I wore before shed too much so goodbye! It’s kind of expensive kind, but thankfully it was sponsored! It’s pretty and the hair quality’s really good. More importantly, there’s no shedding. Transformation into Marilyn Mingro! Thank you, haha”
ELFs were pretty delighted at the transformation, with the comments, “It’s funny that you say Marilyn Mingro,” “Your hair looks good on you just as it would on Marilyn Monroe,” and “Oppa, you look so…pretty?”
Sungmin oppa nomu yeppeoyo!! DAEBAK!!! Kyuhyun will totally love this. <3
via Ningin Blog

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