Monday, 5 March 2012

Super Junior "KyoChon Chicken" Endorsement [Video]

Super Junior members who are basically the K-Pop icons have been chosen as endorsement models for 'KyoChon Chicken'.
Starting from March 9th to April 30th, 'KyoChon Chicken' will begin advertising with Super Junior and will create a special event on its official homepage and also on YouTube.
The dance contest, "I'm a Dander", is the special event. The contest requires contestants to make a cover video of the 'KyoChon Dance' and upload it on YouTube. Then, they have to use the source code of the video from YouTube and leave it on the 'KyoChon Chicken' homepage to be judged.
For the first place winner, $1,000 will be awarded. For 2nd place, $500 and 3rd place will receive $300.
Representatives from 'KyoChon Chicken' stated that "While filming in the Philippines, many fans showed up and copied the 'KyoChon Chicken' dance and gave Super Junior members a lot of energy. We are looking forward to the event." With Super Junior, KyoChon Chicken in Korea as well as KyoChon Chicken in the U.S. will work together to create a world famous chicken company.


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