Saturday, 3 March 2012

Super Junior’s Heechul calls himself a fool

Super Junior’s Heechul has been keeping busy with his military activities as he is the Radio DJ for Sungdong Cafe. He recently updated his Weibo with a picture of himself.
He wrote, “I am a fool” with Santa emoticons finishing the caption. In the picture, he is seen wearing a Japanese t-shirt with some interesting words on it. It turns out that on the radio, a Japanese fan asked him, “Do you know what your shirt means?” Heechul replied with, “No, I don’t.” So the fan told him that the words on the shirt meant “Are you a fool?”
So there you have it! Maybe Heechul was intrigued by the picture and bought it, but that’s pretty funny! That’s why Heechul says, “I am a fool.”
via Ningin Blog

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