Saturday, 17 March 2012

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun sings “Raining Blades,” a soundtrack for God of War!

The soundtrack “Raining Blades” for the historical drama, God Of War that received positive reviews with its high quality videos and storyline has been revealed.
The soundtrack that was sung by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun created a stir when it had been inserted at the end of the
eighth episode.

Its mournful melodies and the appealing voice made the viewers curious about who sang the song.
Later on Super Junior’s Kyuhyun tweeted, “The soundtrack that I, Kyuhyun sang has joined MBC’s God of War.Make sure to watch the series!” and surprised the netizens.
Even the production crew was thrown back by the fervent responses from the netizens. Therefore, the crew decided to release the soundtrack on March 16, one day earlier than the planned schedule.
“Raining Blades” is a collaboration work between Hwang Sang Joon, music director No Hyung Woo, and rookie songwriter Ma Sang Woo.
This song is expected to captivate the viewers when it is played with the scenes of the historical drama, God Of War.
Source: JTN 

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