Thursday, 1 March 2012

Super Junior’s Leeteuk exposes his skinny legs at the gym

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently paid a visit to the gym where he exposed his skinny legs for all to see, making female fans quite envious.
Leeteuk tweeted, “The missing bottom~no~ the hidden bottom!!Thats right!!^^ It gets hot while exercising so i removed my training outift and transform to the Missing Bottom Terminator!!^^keke just for laughs kekeke” The mischievous leader is wearing what seems to be spandex bottoms, but because of his long shirt, he looks as if he’s not wearing anything on the bottom.
Female fans lamented that Leeteuk’s legs were skinnier than theirs and said that it’s not fair for a guy to have such thin legs.
But, isn’t it also a little unhealthy?
Via Ningin Blog

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