Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Super Junior’s Shindong challenges comedian Shin Young to a showdown

On the March 6 episode of MBC’s music show, Show Champion, Super Junior’s Shindong and comedian Kim Shin Young, the two main emcees of the show, made an open declaration of their showdown.
After watching the singing competition between WE and Soul Harmony, Shindong made an offer to Shin Young: “As emcees, we cannot just sit by and let things happen. How about having our own showdown?”
Shin Young returned Shindong’s serve by crying out, “I’ll take up the challenge. It’ll happen in three weeks.” The production staff under the stage gave them an “okay” sign. Then, Shindong and Shin Young will have a showdown through the March 27 episode of the show, and the person who loses the competition will grant the winner’s wish.
As for the competition, the production team says, “It is true that there was some discussion that the two emcees could display their own performances, but we did not expect that they put the showdown through this much abruptly during the live show.
The March 6 episode of the show featured Miss A, MBLAQ, Emily, EXID, B.A.P, WE and Soul Harmony. Among these distinguished guests, Miss A won the championship for the second straight week.

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