Sunday, 18 March 2012

Super Junior’s Shindong reveals Hyun Ah in men’s room

Recently, Shindong of Super Junior has given a good laugh when he released a picture of Hyun Ah posing in men’s room.

On March 17, he posted a picture on Me2day and commented, “Hyun Ah made an appearance in men’s room. (My apologies, Hyun Ah)”

The person in the picture appears to be Shingdong dressed up like Hyun Ah, and his close resemblance to her amazes viewers. His hair styled in thick waves appeal an innocent image while his mini-dress with spangles adds sexiness to his character, inspiring laughter in his fans.

Netizens who saw the posting comment: “At first sight, I was so surprised cuz it really looked like Hyun Ah to me.” “Shindong gives 100% resemblance to Hyun Ah.” “Shindong oppa is such a mischievous guy. Isn’t Hyun Ah unnie gonna get upset?”

Source: TV Report 

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