Saturday, 3 March 2012

‘We Got Married’ to air first broadcast after month-long strike

MBC will be airing We Got Married this week, for the first time in a month.
The upcoming March 3rd episode will focus on the Lee Jang Woo-Eunjung and Leeteuk-Kang Soracouples.
The footage for this week’s episode was previously recorded before MBC’s labor union went on strike.
During a recent phone interview with SportsKorea, a representative from ‘We Got Married’ remarked, “The longer the strike went on, the more complaints we received from the viewers. We utilized outside sources and completed the general editing work for the show.”
During the strike, the staff members including PD Kim Jun Hyun temporarily left their positions and for the past 4 weeks, MBC has been airing re-runs of past episodes along with a special Chinese ‘We Got Married’ episode.
The representative continued, “This [episode] is only possible because we had some footage we actually recorded prior to the strike. As of right now, we don’t have anyone that’s stepping up to film, and so ‘We Got Married’ will inevitably be unable to air new episodes.”
In addition to ‘We Got Married’, other programs such as ‘Infinity Challenge‘, ‘Our Sunday Night‘, and more have been unable to air new episodes for the past month. ‘Our Sunday Night’ has plans to perhaps recruit outside sources to create a new corner on the program, since corners such as ‘Lululala‘ and ‘I Am A Singer‘ are currently put on hold.
The representative added, “The management and the labor union are neck and neck. The management is aware that this strike may go for a long while, and are preparing themselves by looking for different alternatives.”
Source & Image: SportsKorea via Nate
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