Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Who is the first K-Pop male group to surpass 40 million views on Youtube?

Just two years ago, chances of seeing a K-Pop related video on the front page of Youtube was so slim that it was considered ‘lucky’ just to see one pop up every three months.  That’s not the case anymore.  It’s mind blowing how immensely popular K-Pop has become.  K-Pop music videos appear on the home page weekly now, not to mention the tens of millions of views accumulated by several of them.
You know you’ve achieved something great when you become the first male K-Pop group to collect over 40 million views on the internet.  That day has come for one of the most well-known male groups in the K-Pop industry– Super Junior!
On March 25th, Super Junior’s hit track, “Mr. Simple” surpassed the 40 million view mark, becoming the first male K-Pop group to achieve such a high level of view status.
ELF have been rejoicing over this accomplishment in the comment boxes, leaving comments like: “Super Junior fighting!“, “Congratulations“, and “Let’s keep at it until we reach 100 million!
On another note, Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee” stands as the most viewed K-Pop video with an astounding, 69.5 million views!
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