Thursday, 1 March 2012

Who is the mysterious person hugging Shindong?

Super Junior‘s Shindong recently revealed a photo of him hugging an unknown person, arousing the curiosity of his fans.
On February 29th, Shindong posted the above photo along with the words, “Maybe I should’ve revealed a bit more. People have been guessing that the person is my girlfriend. I’ll reveal who the person is.. Starting with her backview.. If you guys become really curious, I’ll reveal her face. She’s pretty. Even her backview is lovable.
Fans flocked to guess at the identity of the mysterious person. “Oppa is this really your girlfriend?”, “I know you’re playing another trick on us!”, they commented.
A few hours later, he again posted another message, revealing the identity of the person. “Because everyone was curious to know who it was, I’ll reveal who it is! Ta-da! How are you guys so quick at noticing? You guys were right! It’s sunbae Kim Tae Won! I just finished recording the first episode of ‘Beatles Code Season 2′ with him. Please look forward to the first episode! I guess I’m part of the “MC line” now.
The person who he introduced as his girlfriend turned out to be none other than veteran artist Kim Tae Won of Boohwal!
Fans responded, “I really thought it was your girlfriend“, “I look forward to seeing you two MC for the new season“, and “Kim Tae Won’s beautiful backview.
Meanwhile, Shin Dong and Kim Tae Won finished recording their first episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ on the 29th. The episode is scheduled to air on March 8th.
Source: Shindong’s me2day
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