Wednesday, 4 April 2012

f(x)’s Sulli wants to know if you enjoyed her prank with Super Junior’s Heechul

It’s no secret that Super Junior’s Heechul is the master of pranks, as he was able to reveal Leeteuk’s cell phone number on April Fool’s Day, but his transformation into f(x)’s Sulli was a prank devised by him and Sulli.
Sulli took a picture of Heechul casually sipping his drink while lounging in his chair and wrote, “Everyone did u have fun on April Fool’s Day? Took a photo with Heechul Oppa.” Heechul appears to be innocent and act as if nothing has happened.
Did you enjoy Heechul’s tranformation into Sulli? Now I wonder if Jonghyun will take a picture with Amber for his own trolling.

via Ningin Blog

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