Monday, 2 April 2012

Jonghyun is not the Only Troll Around

It turns out that Heechul is also quite a troll on twitter too. On the afternoon of April 1st Super Junior’s Kim Heechul changed his picture to f(x)’s Sulli and also changed the caption to “This is f(x)’s Sulli~the real Sulli!! hehe”. He then went on to tweet various pictures of Sulli. He also tweeted to Eunhyuk and Ryeowook caling them “oppa”.
Jonghyun who was trolling once again, changed his twitter from CNBlues’ Jonghyun to f(x)’s Amber and wrote to Heechul “Sulli-yah I’m Amber~”, to which Heechul replied “Ah Amber-unnie! Unnie started twitter too huh!!”.
Donghae also tweeted a picture of Eunhyuk’s derp face and tweeted “Eunhyuk’s passionate look! I love you! As our member, I’m proud of you!!^^”
Donghae then apparently showed a picture of his room…

…Which in actual fact is an ELF’s room with him photo-shopped into it (’:
Wow such an eventful day on twitter. There sure are a lot of trolls. Were any of you fooled?

via Ningin Blog

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