Sunday, 8 April 2012

Park Ye Jin and Kim Kibum to act as a couple in the new drama 'I Love Lee Taeri'

[Star News reporter Choi Boran]

Actress Park Ye Jin and Super Junior’s Kim Kibum have both been casted as the female and male lead in tvN’s new drama ‘I Love Lee Taeri’. 

According to the person-in-charge, Park Ye Jin and Kim Kibum will be portraying a romantic relationship involving an older woman and a younger man in the drama ‘I Love Lee Taeri’ which is scheduled to air sometime in May after ‘The Wedding Scheme’ concludes.

‘I Love Lee Taeri’ is a romantic fantasy drama which tells the story of a 14 year old middle school student, Kim Eundong who turned into a 30 year old adult when he attended his idol’s event. He subsequently became the secretary of a wealthy female heiress, Lee Taeri.

Kim Kibum will be playing the role of the male lead, Kim Eundong who turned into an adult overnight and with this, an unforeseeable romance begins with Park Ye Jin who will be taking on the role of the female heiress. 

Another person-in-charge expressed: “Kim Kibum and Park Ye Jin will be collaborating in this drama depicting the “older woman-younger man romantic relationship” which is the current trend in today’s society with hope of presenting a light-hearted romance story to the audiences. “With the unique theme of the drama along with the characteristic acting from compatible casts, this drama is definitely worth anticipating.”

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