Saturday, 7 April 2012

Siwon is speechless, topless photo instead?

Super Junior Siwon is celebrating his birthday on April 7 and is overwhelmed by the amount of love and care he is receiving from fans,friends and family.

Therefore he expresses his gratitude on twitter,

"I'm running out of words to say to all for giving full of love and wishes to someone like me^^ I am full of thankful words and warm feeling. Once again,thanks to my family, friends, sunbae, colleagues and fans who wishes me happy birthday^^ I really don't know what to say^^"

He even posted a topless selca as a sign of gratitude. Fans commented, "Every day must be Siwon's birthday so we can see topless photo of him","You deserve all the love","You'll be blessed!" and so on.

Source: Siwon's twitter @siwon407
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