Saturday, 7 April 2012

Super Junior's Leeteuk apologizes for his april fools joke

Super Junior's Leeteuk said his apologies for those who were bothered and inconvenienced by his joke last April fools day. Leeteuk wrote on his twitter account on the 6th of April saying, "Please call only this number! No other numbers, I sincerely apologize to those people, this is my number! See this number? But only call me, right now my phone is ringing non stop" as he revealed his true cell phone number.

On the 1st of April leeteuk shared a preview of his cell phone number on twitter and fans assumed that the missing numbers were "1004" from his username "special1004" however it isnt his number and fans called that number causing inconvenience to the owner of that number. The owner of the number said that he was bothered a lot of by the flood of calls and texts. Netizens commented, "Is that finally his real number", "He didnt need to apologize, it wasnt his fault", "That's nice of him to apologize".

Source: Newsen
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