Saturday, 7 April 2012

World renowned author Paulo Coelho wishes Super Junior’s Siwon a happy birthday

Super Junior‘s Siwon revealed his extensive network of friends, including world renowned Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho.
Paulo Coelho wished Siwon a happy birthday by tweeting, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Be always a warrior of light!
Siwon responded with, “Thank you so much. Actually, I’m a huge fan :).” Paulo Coelho replied, “When in Europe, pls let me know. BTW your fans are also warriors, they really want to see you happy! Congrats.” The Super Junior member then expressed his desire to meet up with the author, “im in paris now. leave tomorrow to shenzhen in china :) they are all family and everything. I really want to meet you next time.”
Siwon thanked him one last time and politely tweeted, “I wish you continued health&happiness. If we meet later I hope you will sign my book. Thank you again for the birthday wishes :).”
The exchange between the two are spreading across the internet, and netizens are surprised at the connection between one of Korea’s most famous idols and the world class author.
Fans commented, “Paulo Coelho and Siwon know each other… Daebak!” “Super Junior’s personal connections are on a superb level,” “Just like a super idol,” and “I want to have a Twitter conversation with a world star like him.
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