Saturday, 12 May 2012

Busker Busker’s Kim Hyung Tae gifts Shindong with a drawing

Super Junior‘s Shindong revealed a gift he received from Busker Busker‘s Kim Hyung Tae.
Shindong posted the above photo (left) on his me2day May 10th and wrote, “Busker Busker’s Hyung Tae drew me this… That gaze seems to be longing for something.  It looks a bit like Hyung Tae I think T_T am I wrong?”
The drawing was simply an outline of a man with permed hair, and the Busker Busker member’s signature took up much of the space on the left.
Fans seemed to be split on whether or not it really resembled Shindong. “I’m guessing those letters that say ‘Kim Hyung Tae’ is his signature,” they wrote, along with “Kim Hyung Tae who drew Shindong, and Shindong who shared it are both so cute,” “It doesn’t look like Shindong though,” and ”It really looks like Shindong. His drawing skills are awesome.”
Do you think it looks like Shindong or does it resemble Kim Hyung Tae more? Voice your thoughts below!
Source + Photo: Shindong’s me2day
via allkpop

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