Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun once involuntarily bought a meal for TVXQ’s Changmin

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun had a bone to pick with TVXQ‘s Changmin.
The showcase for SM Entertainment‘s new film ‘I AM‘ took place at CGV in Yeongdeungpo on April 30th, and artists such as Kang Ta, TVXQ’s Yunho & Changmin, Super Junior‘s YesungSungmin,EunhyukDonghaeRyeowook, Kyuhyun, Girls’ Generation‘s TaeyeonJessicaTiffany,HyoyeonSooyoungSeohyunSHINee‘s JonghyunOnewMinhoKeyTaemin, f(x)‘s Luna,AmberSulli, and Krystal were present.
During the “I Can Say This Now” corner of the event, Super Junior member Kyuhyun who kept his silence until then suddenly grabbed the mic and remarked, “I have something I need to say to Changmin.”
Changmin said he wanted to eat Korean BBQ beef one time, so we went to a rather expensive place,” he began. “He told me that he would buy, so I was just eating comfortably but he suddenly panicked during the meal and told me he didn’t bring his wallet with him.”
Out of options, I finally told him that I would buy the meal and what he said afterwards was the highlight of the night,” he continued. “As soon as I told him that I would buy, he immediately asked if he could order two more servings of beef, and then ordered cold noodles and sashimi bibimbap on top of that, and ate all of it by himself,” causing everyone to explode into laughs.
Changmin tried to explain himself saying, “I asked him to meet with me that day because I had some concerns I wanted to talk through with him, and I really wanted to buy him the meal. I wasn’t lying, I really didn’t have my wallet then.”
Kyuhyun who quietly listened to Changmin’s explanation then remarked, “He didn’t even talk to me about anything, all he did was eat,” causing everyone to continue roaring in laughter.
Changmin and Kyuhyun are known to be extremely close friends, and the way the two laughed off such a story earned the high cheers from the fans who were also present.
Meanwhile, SM Entertainment’s new film ‘I AM’ scheduled to hit the big screens May 10th is a documentary-style movie that will reveal the journey of the SM artists since their auditions until now.
Source & Image: KoreaTimes via Nate
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