Friday, 27 July 2012

Super Junior Kyhyun Has A Female Twin? Leeteuk Tweets A Cool Photo

Super Junior's Leeteuk revealed a photo of Kyuhyun and his look-alike on Twitter!
On July 26, Leeteuk Tweeted a photo and wrote, "Which one is Kyuhyun?"
In the photo, a picture of Kyuhyun and a foreign female model are side by side. Fans gained interest as the two appears strikingly similar. 
Also, not only did their overall look resemble one another, but also their hair and appearance looked very similar as well.
Internet users who saw the photo commented, "Looks like Kyuhyun is a girl?" "They do look really alike," and "I'm jealous of Kyuhyun's looks."
On another note, Super Junior is promoting their new comeback title track "Sexy, Free & Single".


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