Friday, 31 August 2012

Super Junior's Leeteuk shares His Thoughts about Military Service

Super Junior's Leeteuk recently wrote several messages on Twitter about his soon enlistment. Tweets were directed to his Chinese fans, since they were coming back from Chinese events.
"Chinese ELFs gave us lots of presents! Thank you and I love you!! Today we shared love and happiness. I will return you even more in two years!!" he commented.
Then, Leeteuk started talking about his soon departure : "The thing that makes me the most sad is that I have go and leave you all like this. The time we spent together went by so fast, I will come back even better! I promise! Please watch over my little brothers (Super Junior's members)!I will be watching over you all! Let’s live without worries! I love you all!".
However, Leeteuk continues promoting Super Junior's activities and as a good leader he's working hard to not loose popularity, which is his biggest dread.
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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Super Junior appointed as honorary ambassadors of Gangnam; Psy receives honor

The Gangnam District of Seoul has announced on August 30 that Hallyu group Super Junior has been appointed as the honorary ambassadors of the district following Girls’ Generation and Rain. 

In gratitude for raising awareness of Gangnam, the district will also award Psy with an appreciation plaque. The district has invited the star to become an honorary ambassador in the future.

The region of Gangnam became famous worldwide as Psy’s “Gangnam Style” gained popularity internationally. The song advertized the district, making it a place of curiosity for many foreigners and a must-visit place in Korea. 

Gangnam is considered the center of the Hallyu wave. The district will partner with big entertainment agencies for the plan of making Gangnam the tourism “Mecca” of Hallyu.

Source: Korea Times

Super Junior to become honorary ambassadors for Gangnam District

The Gangnam District of Seoul has announced that on September 4th KST, hallyu idol group Super Junior will be appointed as honorary ambassadors for the district.
World star Rain as well as Girls’ Generation served as the previous ambassadors of Gangnam, which is considered the center of the hallyu wave. The Gangnam district will partner with big entertainment agencies that surround Chungdamdong to create a “hallyu star street” that will hopefully make Gangnam a “mecca for hallyu tourism”.
Gangnam will also give a special appreciative plaque to Psy for bringing worldwide fame and attention to the area with his song “Gangnam Style“. The district has asked him to be an ambassador in the future.
Source: Wow TV
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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Super Junior K.R.Y and Kyuhyun & Tiffany release OST songs for ‘To the Beautiful You’

Super Junior K.R.Y as well as Kyuhyun and Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany are the next artists fromSM Entertainment to provide new songs for the OST of ‘To the Beautiful You‘.
First up are Kyuhyun and Tiffany who have teamed up for a duet “To the Beautiful You“, which incorporates rhythmical drum and bass along with guitar sounds. This song is the secondary theme song for the love line between the leading characters, with the first one being the previously revealedduet from Krystal and Jessica, “Butterfly.
Super Junior’s K.R.Y has also lent their heavenly voices for “Sky“, the new theme song for Taejun (SHINee‘s Minho), which features orchestral sounds and the harmony of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, andYesung.
Check them out below!
“To the Beautiful You”

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Super Junior to host ‘2012 Incheon K-Pop Concert’ + line-up revealed

Super Junior will stand as the hosts to the upcoming ‘2012 Incheon K-Pop Concert’ which will be taking place in Incheon on September 9th.

According to ‘2012 Incheon K-Pop Concert’ official website, Super Junior will act as the emcees for the festivities, which will take place for about three hours. Additionally, the initail line-up of K-Pop artists who will join in on the festival have been announced.

In addition to Super Junior, KARA, BoA, SHINee, IU, 4minute, Girl’s Day, Kim Tae Woo, Boyfriend, Dal Shabet, B.A.P, 2PM’s Jang Wooyoung , A-JAX, VIXX and FIESTAR are all confirmed for the event.

Co-hosted by Incheon City and the Incheon Development & Tourism Corporation (IDTC), the annual music fest is held every year to attract tourists to visit the city before the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.


Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’ to undergo changes in ranking system

Mnet’s weekly music program, ‘M! Countdown’, will be making changes to its ranking system.

Jung Yoo Jin PD announced on August 28th, “We are reorganizing how the rankings are made to better fit the changing music trend. We will choose the winner of the week based on the newly proportioned ranking system from the next episode to provide unbiased report of K-pop stars and their songs.”

The new rankings will raise the importance and percentage of music sales, downloads, and plays, and decrease the importance and percentage of fan votes. While global votes and real-time text message votes account for 5% each, categories that reflect the reactions of age groups between 15 and 39 will take up to 20% of the voting result.

Most importantly, record sales and artists’ participation each dominate 50 and 20 percent of the poll.

Starting this week, ‘M! Countdown’ will start using the new ranking system. The new system will allow fans to view the top 10 artists of the week in alphabetical order, without revealing their rankings. Rather than three finalists, only two finalists will go head to head on the show. 


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Super Junior’s Siwon “Dokdo Is Our Land” Tweet Infuriates Japanese Fans

Recently, Super Junior‘s Siwon tweeted, “Dokdo is our land,” which infuriated Japanese fans. There are rumors that Japanese fans are planning a group activity to express their anger.
On August 10, Siwon retweeted, “Dokdo is our true territory and it is a place of value that must be protected with our lives. Let’s protect it with pride – at Dokdo,” which was originally posted by the Blue House.
Afterwards, Japanese fans expressed their disdain for this tweet. A local Japanese news media published an article named, “Winter Has Arrived Upon K-Pop.” Furthermore, when Osaka’s mayor Toru Hashimoto tweeted, “There is no evidence of comfort women being assaulted by the troops. If there was, I would want to release it to Korea as well,” Siwon’s father Choi Ki Ho replied, “Mayor Toru may be a candidate for the next prime minister but it sure looks like we can see the level of Japan’s politicians. This is evidence that Germany and Japan are different. It would be nice if Japan could admit their wrongs but what is this? I really can’t understand.” This also angered Japanese fans.
On a Japanese magazine, “Cyzo Woman,” a Super Junior fan was interviewed and said, “If you have a son who is promoting in Japan and if you know how your son is viewed in Japan, I don’t think he should say those kinds of things.” The article also mentioned that some fans wanted to throw raw eggs at Super Junior during a fan meeting.
Nevertheless, Super Junior’s popularity is still going strong with “Sexy, Free & Single,” selling over 60,000 copies on the first day of release and reaching the number 2 spot on the Oricon Daily rankings.

Super Junior to delay fan signing event due to Bolaven typhoon

Super Junior will be delaying their fan signing event due to the Bolaven typhoon that’s hitting South Korea.
SM Entertainment announced on August 28 KST, “Due to the Bolaven typhoon, Super Junior arrived one day later than planned at Incheon airport on August 28 at 6AM.” The group had previously traveled to China for a fan sign event in Guangzhou.
A representative stated, “Originally, the event was to be held in Seoul at a small music store on August 28 at 5PM, but considering the typhoon, it’s been delayed to September 5 in order to prevent any accidents.”
In other news, member Shindong will finally be making a return to MBC Radio‘s ‘Shindong’s Shimshim Tapa‘.
Source: My Daily via Naver
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Super Junior’s Siwon under fire after Dokdo tweet

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has been caught up in a controversy between Korea and Japan after expressing his stance on Dokdo islets through his Twitter.

Siwon recently retweeted a tweet by Korea’s Blue House made on August 10, which read, “Dokdo is undoubtedly South Korea's land, where we should sacrifice our lives to. With pride, let’s protect our land.”

Having over 2.5 million people following him on Twitter, Siwon’s post immediately spread to Japan and China, and received criticisms from several Japanese fans, saying that they had been let down by Siwon’s stance. 

Concerns over Siwon and Super Junior’s future activities in Japan are increasing after the star expressed his stance in a quite sensitive issue.

Meanwhile, tension has been building up between South Korea and Japan since President Lee Myung Bak made his trip to the easternmost islets, which the Japanese government has been claiming its sovereignty over for decades.


Kyuhyun, Tiffany and Super Junior K.R.Y to release OST for ‘To The Beautiful You’

Following the OST singles of Jessica and KrystalJ-MinSunny and Luna, and Onew, the next part of SBS ‘To The Beautiful You’ OST will once again feature a slew of SM Entertainment artists.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun will be collaborating for their track, “Beautiful You”, which will feature a strong, rhythmical drum and bass guitar sound to accompany the two idols’ strong vocals. 

The second track is titled “Sky” and is sung by Super Junior K.R.Y featuring the harmonies of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung amid a full orchestra. The track is expected to be refreshing and will leave a strong impression on its audience.

The two tracks will be available on various music sites, including MelOn, Genie, and Bugs, on August 29th.

Source: Soshified


Choi Siwon offered a role in upcoming drama series, ‘King of Drama’

Super Junior‘s Siwon could possibly be making a comeback to the small-screen with SBS-TV‘s ‘King of Drama‘.
A representative from Choi Siwon’s agency SM Entertainment informed Dispatch on August 27th, “[Choi Siwon] is considering the role with a positive mindset. He is currently working out the finer details with the staff members, and leaving room for potential as it is a good script.
Because it would not overlap with his Super Junior’s activities, there is a good chance the singer will be able to star in the drama. His reps continued, “The drama is scheduled to air in December, so there will be no overlap with his promotions as an artist. If his appearance becomes confirmed, he will be adjusting his personal schedules around the drama as well.
If he accepts, Choi Siwon will be playing the role of an intimidating and curt top star. Those being considered to be cast as his acting partner are none other than Kim Myung Min and Jung Ryeowon, and their names along are already drawing much attention from fans.
Source & Image: Dispatch
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Monday, 27 August 2012

Super Junior’s Sungmin warns ‘Kiss the Radio’ fans of typhoon

Super Junior‘s Sungmin tried to keep his fans safe.
On August 27th KST, Sungmin tweeted, “Please don’t come to the open studio of today’s ['Super Junior's Kiss the Radio']~ It’s dangerous because the typhoon’s coming! I’m asking you a favor, you must not come~ It’s because I’m so worried… It’s likely that a lot of foreign fans won’t know about the dangerous situation, so Korean fans please take care of them~.”
Fans commented, “Sungmin’s great love for his fans,” “You seem really worried! Please all, don’t go,”and “Sungmin’s so sweet.”
In related news, the typhoon Bolaven was reported to be heading towards the Jeju Islands, South Korea on August 27.
Source: Newsen via Nate
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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kang Sora impressed by Leeteuk’s body on ‘We Got Married’

On the August 25th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, Kang Sora showed her excitement overSuper Junior Leeteuk‘s great physique after seeing a photo of him topless.
Kang Sora exclaimed, “Oh my god! Oppa? For real? [That kicks butt],” showing off her Kyungsangdo dialect, which she’s practicing for a film she’s working on.
Leeteuk questioned, “Honestly, you only like me for my body, don’t you?”, to which Kang Sora replied, “I like your body because I like you.”
He then made a romantic promise saying, “I’m going to exercise for the rest of my life.”
Source & Image: Newsen via Nate
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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Super Junior Yesung, "I am a Happy Guy"

Today, Super Junior held their 'ELF-JAPAN FAN MEETING 2012' at the Japan Yokohama Red Brick Park outdoor stage.
There were two performances that day with around 30,000 members of the official fan club, "ELF-JAPAN." The fans and the Super Junior members were able to interact and have a good time together.
Super Junior members also updated their fans through their twitter with photos and reports about the event.
Leader Leeteuk wrote, "Color, nationality, age, skin are not important at all," was posted along with a photo with all the members and their fans in the back. He also wrote, "We cherish all our fans and we are happy if you all are happy."
Member Donghae also posted a message, "ELF Japan was great! I was so happy to meet 30,000 of our Japan fans!" along with a photo.


Super Junior Holds Outdoor Fan Meeting For the First Time in Japan!

Today, Super Junior held their 'ELF-JAPAN FAN MEETING 2012' at the Japan Yokohama Red Brick Park outdoor stage.
There were two performances that day with around 30,000 members of the official fan club, "ELF-JAPAN." The fans and the Super Junior members were able to interact and have a good time together.
Super Junior members also updated their fans through their twitter with photos and reports about the event.
Leader Leeteuk wrote, "Color, nationality, age, skin are not important at all," was posted along with a photo with all the members and their fans in the back. He also wrote, "We cherish all our fans and we are happy if you all are happy."
Member Donghae also posted a message, "ELF Japan was great! I was so happy to meet 30,000 of our Japan fans!" along with a photo.


Who will Super Junior’s Donghae give roses to on ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog’?

On August 24th, ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog‘ revealed still cuts from its upcoming episode airing on the 26th. Super Junior‘s Donghae can be seen in the middle of the streets with a bouquet in hand.
The pictures show Donghae holding roses and a cake with a romantic expression on his face, as if he is about to propose to someone. Since his character in the drama, Go Seung Ji, has never given flowers to a girl before, there is increasing curiosity over why he is holding a bouquet.
A staff member from the drama shared, “It’s a scene where viewers can see an unexpected side of the rough, hot-blooded young man, Go Seung Ji. Please look forward to how Go Seung Ji will transform due to various incidents.”
Meanwhile, in the last episode of the show, Go Seung Ji looked for a new job to help his grandfather, and found one at Panda Yang’s bakery. He told his grandfather  that Panda was his girlfriend.
Make sure to catch the upcoming episodes of ‘Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog’, which airs every Saturday and Sunday on Channel A.
Source+Picture: TV Report via Naver
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Super Junior’s Yesung celebrates his final birthday in the 20′s with Japanese ELF

Super Junior‘s Yesung celebrated his 29th birthday (Korean age) on August 24th. As the members of Super Junior are in Yokohama, Japan for their ELF-JAPAN FAN MEETING 2012, Yesung shared his thoughts on celebrating his final birthday in his twenties.
Yesung took to Twitter to share the above photo and tweeted: “Last Birthday in the 20′s .. this strange feeling will be wrapped up by celebrating with our ELF ^^ I’m a Happy Person ^^
It was reported that more than 30,000 fans attended the ELF-JAPAN FAN MEETING 2012 event.
Source & Image: Yesung’s Twitter
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Super Junior’s Siwon and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany featured in Thailand’s 12 Plus CF

The boys of Super Junior have been endorsing Thailand’s ‘12 Plus‘ cosmetic brand for quite some time now and this time the brand has recruited a Girls’ Generation member.
Earlier in the month, Super Junior’s Siwon and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany flew to Thailand to film their commercial for 12 Plus. They’re endorsing 12 Plus’ new Miracle Aura Lucent BB Powder and earlier today the CF was revealed to the public.
You can check it out below!
Image: pingbook
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Friday, 24 August 2012

E.L.F.-JAPAN Fanmeeting 2012 [2]

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E.L.F.-JAPAN Fanmeeting 2012 [1]

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S.M.ART Exhibition Notebook

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Super Junior at Japan Fan Meeting

Source: Donghae & Leeteuk's Twitter

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Siwon at Jamiroquai's Concert [From Siwon's Twitter]

via Siwon's Twitter

Audi Korea naver update - Siwon & Eunhyuk at Jamiroquai

Credit: Audi Naver via @Just8604

[K-Pop Battle] Super Junior’s Donghae vs. CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun

We have another round of pretty boy idol stars-turned-actors for you as Super Junior’s Donghae and CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun go head to head in this week’s K-Pop Battle. 

If Donghae was overshadowed by the small army that is Super Junior and Lee Jong Hyun by CN Blue’s leader Jung Yong Hwa in the past, the two underrated idol stars are slowly making their way into the spotlight as actors. And they’ve definitely caught our attention.

But we’re leaving it up to you to decide who takes home the title of K-Pop Star of the Week, so be sure to vote for your favorite idol star actor in this week’s K-Pop Battle. 
Super Junior’s Donghae

We know Donghae can sing and dance, but in true all-star idol fashion, the Super Junior member has taken on a new challenge as an actor in Channel A’s new drama Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine

He stars as every woman’s dream man (okay, maybe not every woman’s, but certainly ours)—the pastry chef
Koh Seung Ji who, although prickly and standoffish on the surface, knows how to serve up something sweet and looks good in and out of uniform

Pastry chef by day, Super Junior spy by night—if that′s not a winning combination, we don′t know what is.

Below is a taste of what you’ve been missing out on if you aren’t tuned into the drama, which premiered on August 18, yet. 

CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun

Move over Jung Yong Hwa because it’s Lee Jong Hyun’s time to shine.

Lee Jong Hyun has been quietly stealing girls’ hearts as CN Blue’s underrated guitarist and vocalist, but if his breakthrough performance as Jang Dong Gun’s long lost son on SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity is any indication, we think he’s ready to take center stage. 

The idol star musician may have had reservations about acting, but we’re glad he got over it because a world without Collin would be a very sad place. 

Do you prefer Lee Jong Hyun the singer or Lee Jong Hyun the actor? Well, good thing we don’t have to choose one or the other as Lee Jong Hyun gives us the best of both worlds in the clip below. 

See how Lee Jong Hyun, or Colin, melt hearts a-many on A Gentleman’s Dignity

Head on over to the K-Pop sectionto vote now!
*Click on the picture to vote
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Super Junior’s Siwon and Eunhyuk attends Jamiroquai’s concert

On August 22, Siwon tweeted pictures with the comment in English, “Jamiroquai babe! Audi Live 2012 in Seoul.”

Eunhyuk also tweeted, “Siwon and I went to Jamiroquai’s concert and got blue glowing sticks among various colored ones.”

Their pose impressed the public. Siwon and Eunhyuk are holding blue glowing sticks and posing at the camera. The pictures look like a pictorial.

Their fashion also captured many people’s attention. Siwon is wearing jeans and a shirt with a leather vest. Tight clothes complemented his muscular figure. Eunhyuk’s simple and sensational fashion style also drew a lot of attention.

English band Jamiroquai, composed of six member, came to Korea for the second time and held the ‘Audi Live – Jamiroquai Concert’ at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on August 22.
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Super Junior & BOYFRIEND rank in top 5 on Oricon Daily Chart

On August 22nd, Super Junior officially released their fourth Japanese single “Sexy Free & Single“. After first day of sales, the single placed 2nd on the Oricon Daily Chart by selling 63,813 units.
Boyfriend also made their formal Japanese debut with the release of “Be My Shine” and they placed 4th on the same chart.
Congratulations to both groups.
Source: Oricon
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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Siwon snap a photo at Jamiroquai’s concert

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Siwon snapped a photo together at Jamiroquai‘s concert in Korea.
On August 22nd, Siwon attached the above photo on his Twitter and wrote, “Jamiroquai babe! AUDI LIVE 2012 in SEOUL!“.
In the revealed photo, the two seem really excited for the concert as Siwon holds a glow stick in his mouth while Eunhyuk points his towards the camera. Both also paired a black top with dark skinny jeans.
In related news, Jamiroquai stated to the Korean media that he has watched Super Junior’s music videos and his ‘Audi Live 2012 – Jamiroquai’s Concert in Korea’ took place at 8PM on August 22nd in Seoul.
Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate
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Super Junior unveiled the making of Japanese "Sexy,Free & Single"!

Check out the making film of Super Junior for their new Japanese single "Sexy,Free and Single"!


Super Junior, Boyfriend, Big Bang, SECRET & 4minute on Oricon Charts

Several K-pop groups made it to the list of bestselling artists in Japan.

According to the Oricon Chart rankings on August 21, Super Junior, Boyfriend, Big Bang, SECRET and 4minute ranked in the top ten of the Oricon Daily Single, Daily Album, and DVD charts.

Super Junior officially released their fourth Japanese single “Sexy Free & Single” on August 22nd. After first day of sales, the single placed 2nd on the Oricon Daily Chart by selling 63,813 units.

Boyfriend ranked fourth on the Oricon Daily Single Chart with Japanese debut single, “Be My Shine” while 4minute’s 7th Japanese single “Love Tension” ranked 18th on the same chart.

For Oricon Daily Album Chart, girl group SECRET debuted sixth with their first full-length Japanese album, ‘Welcome To SECRET Time’. Big Bang, on the other hand, topped the Oricon DVD Chart with their new collection DVD of their new EP, “Alive.”