Thursday, 23 August 2012

[K-Pop Battle] Super Junior’s Donghae vs. CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun

We have another round of pretty boy idol stars-turned-actors for you as Super Junior’s Donghae and CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun go head to head in this week’s K-Pop Battle. 

If Donghae was overshadowed by the small army that is Super Junior and Lee Jong Hyun by CN Blue’s leader Jung Yong Hwa in the past, the two underrated idol stars are slowly making their way into the spotlight as actors. And they’ve definitely caught our attention.

But we’re leaving it up to you to decide who takes home the title of K-Pop Star of the Week, so be sure to vote for your favorite idol star actor in this week’s K-Pop Battle. 
Super Junior’s Donghae

We know Donghae can sing and dance, but in true all-star idol fashion, the Super Junior member has taken on a new challenge as an actor in Channel A’s new drama Ms. Panda and Mr. Porcupine

He stars as every woman’s dream man (okay, maybe not every woman’s, but certainly ours)—the pastry chef
Koh Seung Ji who, although prickly and standoffish on the surface, knows how to serve up something sweet and looks good in and out of uniform

Pastry chef by day, Super Junior spy by night—if that′s not a winning combination, we don′t know what is.

Below is a taste of what you’ve been missing out on if you aren’t tuned into the drama, which premiered on August 18, yet. 

CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun

Move over Jung Yong Hwa because it’s Lee Jong Hyun’s time to shine.

Lee Jong Hyun has been quietly stealing girls’ hearts as CN Blue’s underrated guitarist and vocalist, but if his breakthrough performance as Jang Dong Gun’s long lost son on SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity is any indication, we think he’s ready to take center stage. 

The idol star musician may have had reservations about acting, but we’re glad he got over it because a world without Collin would be a very sad place. 

Do you prefer Lee Jong Hyun the singer or Lee Jong Hyun the actor? Well, good thing we don’t have to choose one or the other as Lee Jong Hyun gives us the best of both worlds in the clip below. 

See how Lee Jong Hyun, or Colin, melt hearts a-many on A Gentleman’s Dignity

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