Monday, 20 August 2012

SM, Proclamation Before Concert... Olympics-Scale

SM Entertainment held a proclamation before starting their third world tour concert in Seoul.
The artists of SM Entertainment all came on stage today in Seoul for 'SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR 3'.
Before starting the world tour, the SM artists held a 'MUSIC NATION SM TOWN' Proclamation. It was a large scale parade that resembled the opening ceremony of Olympics.
During the parade, a fan from 30 different countries, such as Korea, America, Canada, France, England, Germany, Italy, and Spain, walked with their nation's flag, and SM artists handed them flowers.
While the parade was going on, Super Junior's ShindongLeeteuk, and Eunhyuk kept the audience entertained through their talking, entertainment skills.
Then, Kangta and BoA read a proclamation. Kangta said, "We first thank all the fans of all nations who are with us throughout this concert. Music is something that connects people of all nations into one heart. I've done music all my life, and I'm proud to be standing here as a musician. We trust in our potentials, and we will be trying our hardest to write down our names in history." BoA read the same message but in English, showing off her fluent English skills.
Photo Credits: OSEN


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