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SMTOWN Live Concert: Main Focus of Hallyu for 5 Hours!

At the finale of the "SMTOWN Live Concert," the SM Entertainment celebrities stated, "We will forever become together as one with all of you" and revealed their tears while expressing their gratitude towards all the fans who attended the concert to show their support.
Yesterday afternoon, fans from 30 different nations gathered together at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium to watch their favorite SM celebrities perform at the "SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Seoul."

"Gam-sa-hap-ni-da. Thank you. Arigato. Xie xie. Kob ku krab...."
The shining stars of SM Entertainment expressed their thanks by saying thank you in 5 different languages and concluded the 5-hour-long concert. Many international fans showed tears after feeling the passion of the SM celebrities.
From Kim Min Jong to Jang Lee In, Faces that Everybody Missed All Appeared at the Seoul concert
During the "SMTOWN Live Concert" in Seoul, all the stars of SM Entertainment appeared to greet the fans. Even the stars that are almost impossible to see made an appearance to express their gratitude.
First, Chu Ga Yeol appeared with his acoustic guitar to deliver a romantic performance then Cheon Sang Ji Hee's (CSJH aka The Grace) Dana and Sunday appeared on stage, followed by Chinese singer Jang Lee In.
Jang Lee In, who is currently in the middle of promotion activities in China, stated, "It's been a while. I want to make some happy memories with you guys" and introduced herself to the fans in the audience.
Kim Min Jong also appeared in front of the audience with a video clip of "A Gentleman's Dignity" playing in the background. Kim Min Jong performed the song "Beautiful Pain" and heated up the crowd. Kim Min Jong's performance was more than meaningful since it was his first time in a very long time performing on stage as a singer.

The Attack of the SM Branded Idols
Idol group f(x) appeared on stage with "Pinocchio" and "Hot Summer" which made the fans go wild with excitement. Victoria stated, "Welcome and thank you to all the fans who showed up even in this heat and rain" to welcome their fans.
The youngest idol group, EXO, of SM Entertainment also appeared on stage to perform their debut album songs "History" and "Mama." Suho stated, "We're so happy to be able to perform on the stage that we've dreamt about ever since I could remember."
Girls' Generation (SNSD) then appeared to perform "Run Devil Run" and "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" which heated up the Olympic Gymnasium even more. Girls' Generation members expressed their excitement by stating, "We will do our best to deliver the best performance possible to show our gratitude to the fans who came here today from all over the world."
Male idol groups like Super Junior and SHINee appeared to please the female fans who showed up to see them.
Super Junior's "Superman" began to play and 10 members appeared on stage. The female fans screamed out on the top of their lungs and seemed as though they were about to faint from all the excitement. SHINee members transformed into rockers and performed a head-banging performance and gave energy to all the fans that were present at the concert.

Leeteuk and Jonghyun's Topless Performance Makes a Lasting Impression
In the first half of their performance, Taeyeon of Girls' Generation performed the intro song "Devil's Cry" in a rock version to warm up the crowd before the rest of the SNSD members performed "Run Devil Run." Unlike her usual image, Taeyeon revealed her powerful vocal skills singing like a professional rock star.
Leeteuk and Jonghyun revealed their perfectly built bodies during their performances and melted the hearts of their female fans.
Leeteuk took off his shirt during Super Junior's performance of "Bonamana" in rock version. Leeteuk's body was perfectly sculpted from head to toe. Jonghyun took his shirt off while performing with Taemin and Seo Taeji's "Internet War."
SHINee performed a tap number during the performance of "Like Oxygen" as well as other impressive performances and impressed the audience.

High Quality Collaboration Performances
Key, Amber and Krystal delivered an eye-catching collaboration performance to Far East Movement's "Like a G6" while Jessica and Krystal performed "California Girls" by Katy Perry as a sister duo.
Max Changmin and Gyuhyun performed "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars and confessed their love to Taemin, who dressed up like a girl. Taemin brought laughter to the audience when he held up his fists to show his accomplishment of making both men fall in love with him.
During Super Junior's performance of "Oops!!", f(x) appeared as a surprise featuring guest and performed with the members of Super Junior.

Veteran SM Artists, BoA and TVXQ, Appeared at the 2nd Half of the Concert
During the second half of the concert, SM Entertainment's veteran artists BoA and TVXQ appeared to perform on stage.
BoA performed "Hurricane Venus" and "Not Over U" and stated, "This is such a meaningful event for many reasons" and expressed her excitement. Max Changmin of TVXQ stated, "We were worried about whether this huge stadium could be filled up by our fans but we're so touched that we were able to fill it up."
SM artists then performed their hit songs. Super Junior performed "Sorry Sorry, Girls' Generation performed "Gee", BoA performed "Only One", SHINee performed "Sherlock", TVXQ performed "Rising Sun", and f(x) performed "Electronic Shock" to begin wrapping up the concert.
The finale of the concert was performed by the legendary idol group H.O.T.
Their performance began with a video clip of H.O.T. back in 2000. The video finished with the caption "The Original of K-Pop" and Kangta appeared on stage.
Kangta performed an acoustic version of H.O.T.'s "Light". In the middle of his performance, all of the SM celebrities appeared holding the "SMTOWN" flag and began to sing the song with Kangta.
"Let's draw the world that we created into the sky. The light shines into our eyes. It's so beautiful. Let's create our world together with our hands held tight."
With those lyrics from H.O.T.'s song, which was written by Kangta, all the "SMTOWN" artists became united as one with their fans revealing their significant role in the international music industry.


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