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[Star of the Week] The 5 Types of Super Junior

From Mr. Simple to Superman and, most recently,Spy, if Super Junior’s songs have taught us anything, it’s that the boys know how to suit up and get into character for each of their hit songs. 

So, we’ve selected some of Super Junior’s representative songs and included lyrics to help you get a better picture of some of our favorite personas. 

We’re serving up five different flavors of Super Junior, so read on and take your pick!

The crazy in love boyfriend

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
I, I, I first
For you, you, you
I fall, fall, fall baby
Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Your eyes dazzle, dazzle, dazzle
My breath is stifled, stifled, stifled
I go crazy, crazy baby

- Sorry Sorry

Probably the group’s most recognized and catchy song to date, 2009 single Sorry, Sorry had the boys singing about being so crazy in love, they were repeating “Sorry, sorry” (for falling in love, obviously), even rubbing their hands together apologetically for dramatic flair. 

What fan girl wouldn’t want a Super Junior member to fall head over heels for her?

The chill boy next door

You can’t get angry just because the world doesn’t go your way / There’s no need for that
We’re fated to worry / Let’s not sweat the little things / It’s not good for your health

- Mr. Simple

Wise words from Super Junior. 

If you ever find yourself stressing out, follow Super Junior’s lead and keep it simple—Mr. Simple, that is. 

Although the premise of the 2011 single from the group’s fifth studio album of the same title was, well, simple, it went on to break some fancy records, not only taking the number one spot on music charts upon its release but also breaking the half million mark in album sales in 2012 for the first time in four years since TVXQ’s 2008 album. 

The wild party animal

Run until you’re out of breath / You who had a cool finish
Have a good time / Today is party time
Now taste the success that jolts your heart
Have a good time / Who can stop you?

- Sexy, Free & Single

If Mr. Simple is about kicking back and just being yourself, Super Junior’s 2012 comeback single Sexy, Free & Single is about letting loose and having a good time. 

And the optimal time to do just that is when you’re sexy, free and single, of course. 

So if you think you fit those three simple requirements, go on and unleash your inner party animal. Because when Super Junior says it’s party time—it’s party time!

The sexy secret agent

My love S. P.Y.
I follow her day and night
I think I can catch her, but she can’t be caught
Even though I stick to her like a shadow

- Spy

Taken out of context, the above lyrics from Super Junior’s latest single Spy probably sound super creepy more than anything else, but this just goes to show you that the right girl makes even the Super Junior boys do some crazy things—most notably, flash imaginary weapons on stage. 

And who doesn’t have stalker tendencies? We’re all fan girls and fan boys here, right?

So, basically, what we’re trying to say is: Super Junior can stalk us all they want. 

The superhero

Our size, the best; scale, the best; anything, if it’s not the best, it won’t do
Super Junior is Superman just without the man; strong idols, Superman
Passion, the best; willpower, the best; who can bring us down
Super Junior is Superman just without the man; swift idols, Superman

- Superman

Although Super Junior didn’t officially promote Superman, the song is worthy of our attention because it’s essentially theme song material. 

We can just imagine the boys puffing out their chests and pumping each other up, with the regal intro filled with the members chanting they’re the best playing the background, like a scene from Training Day

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