Monday, 20 August 2012

Star of the Week] Super Junior

This week′s Star of the Week is none other than the sexiest, biggest group around - that′s right - we′re celebrating Super Junior today!

Super Junior has been hot on the site for awhile now - we see your clicks, Tweets and Likes, and we get it. Super Junior is pretty much the trend of the season.

The group recently returned to the stage with Spy, the James Bond-esque song that may not have the same catchy chorus as Sexy, Free & Single, but still gets the boys in suits. Really revealing suits

But no one′s complaining, since there′s a lot of shirt-removing from the members lately.

And when they′re not too busy stripping, the members are busy doing their own thing - Choi Siwon is trying to make aname for himself, Yesung is snuggling up to Yoona and Kyuhyun is getting burned on Radio Star.

Oh, and Donghae is busy snapping pics of the members - he′s clearly obsessed with a new photo app/filter: Choi Siwon and Donghae on their way to Manilathe members in suits, and the members sleeping together.

But when you′re the album king of K-pop, guess you can do whatever you want, and still be the sexiest group around. 

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

via enewsworld

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