Monday, 20 August 2012

[Star of the Week] Which Super Junior Member Makes the Best Spy?

Look at that form. It appears Eunhyuk put some time in at the shooting range. 

The Super Junior members are currently in stealth mode, promoting new single Spy as suave secret agents. 

And with SM Entertainment having released a series of photos featuring the boys toting their imaginary secret agent weapons, we thought it′d be fun to do a quick and easy poll on which armed and dangerous Super Junior member you think makes the best spy.

Leader Leeteuk shows the boys how its done. All while bringing back the 90s center part. 
All that′s left for Ryeowook to do is blow off the smoking gun.
Meanwhile, Siwon doesn′t even need a gun. He′ll finish you off with his killer looks. 
Yesung definitely has the stare down.
Is Kangin about to shoot someone down? Or is he just modeling? 
We can′t see it here, but we′re going to assume Kyuhyun is wielding a deadly imaginary gun too. 
Wait, why does Sungmin get to hold an actual (fake, we hope) gun? 
If the imaginary gun fails him, that ring could probably do some serious damage. 
Donghae apparently didn′t get the message that it′s a serious;y dangerous situation right now.

via enewsworld

*my choice is Eunhyuk

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