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Super Junor′s Leeteuk Confesses He Almost Debuted as a Member of Smile

Super Junior’s Leeteuk is the leader of one of the hottest k-pop groups in Korea, but he recently confessed that he almost debuted as a member of another group.
On the September 25 broadcast of SBS’ Strong Heart, Leeteuk stated, “I was in a group called Smile, and it was going to be the rival group of TVXQ. I went around and greeted everyone by saying, ‘Hello I’m Smile’s Jeong Su (Leeteuk’s real name).”

He added, “We almost debuted but the group failed. We didn’t know that [the South Korean soccer team] would make it to the semi-finals. Everybody was watching [the game], so even if we debuted, nobody would have paid attention to us.”

In response to Leeteuk’s comments, Kim Ji Hoon replied, “It’s better that this happened. There were five members and Leeteuk and Donghae survived, while the other three members couldn’t handle it and left. Now you’re a member of Super Junior.” 

Photo credit: SBS
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Why SM Group Leaders Love Being Leaders

The title of leader is usually followed by great responsibility. The same goes for idol group leaders. Some can′t stand it, and decide to abandon their posts.

SM Entertainment, however, seemingly gives special treatment to its idol group leaders.

On the September 26 broadcast of MBC′s Radio Star, SHINee′s Onew said to a question asking whether he′s burdened by his being a leader, "Not at all. Being a leader is a good thing."

The observation by MC Yoon Jong Shin that followed made everyone curious about why SM leaders want to remain as leaders.
Yoon Jong Shin said, "SM leaders for some reason never say they can′t do it anymore. For example, Super Junior′s Leeteuk always wants to keep his power (?)."

Fellow member Kyuhyun′s explanation was surprising. He confessed that when the group travels abroad on overseas schedules, the company gives Leeteuk the benefit of staying in the suite room of their hotel.

"My room is so small after I bring my luggage in that I only have space to lie myself down, but Leeteuk hyung′s (big brother) room feels like it′s 50 pyeongs (more than 150 square meters) wide," he said.

Onew, however, was also one of the surprised ones. He implied that the preferential treatment was only given to Super Junior′s leader, as he said, "It′s not like that for us. They treat me specially, but that treatment means I get to use my room with the manager."

He explained that because SHINee has five members, one member has to use his room with the manager and that mostly turns out to be Onew.

Onew softly complained about the difference in treatment with just one word, "Mr. President..."

Photo credit: MBC
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Gangnam-Gu’s ‘2012 Gangnam Festival’ to Feature SNSD, Super Junior and DBSK

Seoul’s Gangnam-Gu is getting ready to celebrate itself and it’s pulling out all the stops and whistles!

From October 2 through October 7 at Samseong-dong’s Coex and Yeongdong Street the ‘2012 Gangnam Festival’ will take place. 

The annual festival, the sixth in history so far, looks to celebrate hallyu, Korea’s fashion and more, much of which stems from the Gangnam area. 

In addition to holding a Gangnam grand sale and a international peace marathon, a fashion contest for aspiring fashion designers will take place from October 4 through 6. 

On October 7 at Coex, SNSD and Super Junior, who are currently serving as the spokesmodels for Gangnam-gu, will hold a special K-Pop performance. 

Some 234 shops, restaurants, hotels, performances and more all will be holding special discounts (as much as 60 percent) and the public will be allowed to pick up special discount coupon books at Gangnam’s citizen centers.

Photo Credit: SBS

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Shinhwa’s Eric Becomes a Belly Dancer as Shinhwa and Super Junior Face Off

The gloves, or shirts specifically, are coming off as Shinhwa and Super Junior shakes it in a dance-off. 

In the upcoming episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, the second part of the ‘Global Channel- Hallyu Battle’ between Super Junior and Shinhwa will air.

After battling in concepts revolving around China and America, the two groups will square-off for their final battle in an India-theme. 

In the battle, the two respective groups will hear a popular Indian pop track and will have to come up with choreography, costume and overall performance in thirty minutes and to battle it out. 

Going up first, Super Junior will show a remarkable, top-quality performance, making it hard to believe that the performance had been created and executed in 30 minutes.

However, the Shinhwa members opted for a different strategy and went for the comical route, and evidently caught the Super Junior members by surprise.
In particular, Eric will serve as Shinhwa’s hidden card as he transforms into a beautiful (?) belly dancer in full makeup, wig and costume and shakes and shimmies - all for Shinhwa. 

The episode airs on September 29.

Photo Credit: jTBC
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[Readers Appreciation Month] enewsWorld’s Hottest Issues of the Year

enewsWorld readers, with the latest news on today’s hottest stars.

And although we’ve covered comebacks and scandals a-many, there were a few standout stories that riled up and evoked a fiery response from our readers. 

So for our final piece in the Readers Appreciation Month series, we’ve highlighted the top issues that had our readers abuzz for days. 

And while scandals and controversies make up a fair share of our list, you may be surprised by some of the other issues that wound up on our list. 

When it comes to celebrity news, nothing gets a hot response like dating rumors, and Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News’s report on Super Junior member Eunhyuk and IU’s possible secret romance was a hit among our readers.

The show connected many dots that suggested the two idol stars might be an item, and although it was pretty convincing, but we won’t be completely sold until we hear it straight from the stars. 

Most of our readers should be well aware our weekly K-Pop Battles by now, in which we pit two K-Pop stars against each other and ask our readers to vote for their favorite singer.

Over the past year, a number of stars have faced off in these battles, but no pairing has evoked as big of a response as the leaders match, where Super Junior’s Leeteuk and 2NE1’s CL went head to head to vie for our readers’ votes. 

With Super Junior and 2NE1 each boasting huge fan bases, we shouldn’t have been surprised by our readers’ passionate response, but we were still overwhelmed by the numbers it recorded. 

If you haven’t already, remember to get your votes in for this week’s K-Pop Battle, where the tvN drama queens SNSD’s Sooyoung and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji are currently facing off

Another top news story on our website was the release of Super Junior’s 2012 calendar at the end of last year. 

Although celebrities releasing a calendar is nothing to write home about, our readers were psyched about spending 2012 with Super Junior, as it remains one of enewsWorld’s top-read stories. 

And we were reminded once again of Super Junior’s massive popularity. 

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[Chuseok Special] Male Stars We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Chuseok, or Korean thanksgiving, is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, where the entire family gathers to celebrate together. 

One of the most asked questions that we receive from our relatives during this time (or all the time in Korea) is the inescapable “Do you have a boyfriend?” 

So it had us wondering, if we could choose five male stars to bring home to meet the family during this Chuseok season, who would they be?

Choi Siwon

Not only is he handsome with a hot body, Choi Siwon of Super Junior is probably one of the most well-mannered idols out there. 

He goes out of his way to show his support for the people he cares about and always remembers to celebrate the birthdays of the important people in his life. 

When danger arrives, he’ll become your personal body guard (and soldier of light), and we’re sure our fathers approve of that. 

And did we remember to mention that he’s ridiculously good-looking?
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BoA reveals how she got close to Eunhyuk

KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ featured a segment on BoA‘s car commercial.
In the segment, she laughed, pretended to drive violently and said, “I’m want to head to a town at the end of the world like this. I’ll have Lee Yeon Hee in the passenger’s seat and kidnap Yunho.
She then revealed how she was able to get close to Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk. The two gained attention after they danced together. However, even though the two were the same age, she confessed, “We were awkward after he debuted. But Eunhyuk texted me one day and asked, ‘When are we going to talk comfortably?’ So I suggested starting from that moment. We got really close since then really fast, and we even did the couple dance together.
Source: Newsen via Nate
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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Punk Rocks Out in “Nylon”; Watch Kyuhyun’s interview on Nylon TV

Photographs of Super Junior member Kyuhyun featured in a photo shoot for fashion magazine “Nylon” have been released.  In the photo shoot, Super Junior’s youngest member Kyuhyun throws off his usual suave suits and serious ballad singer image, and goes punk rock. 
Kyuhyun is able to perfectly transform into a punk rocker with his hair dyed red and crazily tousled, studded collar, leather tight pants, t-shirt, studded cuffs, black eyeliner, and even black nail polish. 
Kyuhyun said: “Even though it might be awkward to see me as a likely rocker at a club, it’s not a bad thing to change my look once in a while.”
Kyuhyun’s photo shoot will be featured in the October issue of “Nylon.” You can get a behind the scenes look at his photo shoot and watch his interview on Nylon TV, or right here on Soompi!
credit: soompi

Shinhwa and Super Junior heat up the studio with ‘love’ battles

On this weeks episode of JTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, Shinhwa and Super Junior will be battling for each other’s hearts.
The two idol groups decided to test each other’s affection and fought for each others friendship. Both Shinhwa and Super Junior increased their level of skinship and participated in sexy dances in an attempt to appeal to the other, causing the studio to become chaotic.
Originally, the members said, “What are we doing?“, and “I hate myself for doing this“. However, as time passed, everyone became engrossed in the game, making the set seem like some new form of dating program.
A special moment occurred when three Super Junior members battled fiercely in order to gain the vote of one Shinhwa member. There was another Super Junior member who showed his complete devotion. Despite this, he was rejected despite his loyalty, gaining pity from everyone else.
If you’re wondering who ends up coupling with who, make sure to tune into ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ on the 29th at 11:05 pm KST.
Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate
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Siwon shows off his muscular body for "King of Drama"

SBS new drama "The King Of Drama" unveiled photos of Siwon who plays the role of big star "Kang Hyun Min" at the filming set. Siwon shows off his muscular figure in the photos shown above.

 After completing the first filming,Siwon expressed,"the first filming was very excited,the filming ended quickly after a long wait.It seems that once you begin well it well end well,having ended the first filming successfully and i think it will become a good drama."

 The first episode of the drama will air on 5th November.


Leeteuk received appreciation plaque from Star King

SBS’s variety show ‘Star King’ recently gave Super Junior’s Leeteuk a plaque of appreciation.

On September 26, Leeteuk tweeted, The Director of SBS gave me a plaque! I’ve been going up one step higher for the last five years from the corner seat to the assistant MC to the main MC. It’s a program that gave me a lot of experience and taught me a lot.  I shot my final show last week.”

The included photo showed an appreciation plaque from the ‘Star King’ staffs, and their great love for Leeteuk are drawing many people’s attention.

He continued, “All of those who did their best during long shootings. Directors, script writers, and all of the other staffs! Thank you so much. Stars among stars, king among kings. Star King! Please send your love to the show!”

Meanwhile, Leeteuk will be starting his military service on October 30th at a unit in Uijeongbu.


KARA Gyuri Celebrates Super Junior Shindong's Birthday

On MBC radio "Break the Bordom" offical Twitter, a photo was uploaded with the comment "Sense queen Gyuri DJ who celebrated the birthday the earliest."
In the uploaded photo, Shindong and Gyuri is posing friendly looking at the camera. Shindong is holding the cake with both of his hands and Gyuri is pointing at it.
Internet users responded saying "Happy birthday, Shindong," "Gyuri is nice," and "Super Junior members must have celebrated for him too."
Photo Credit: Twitter
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Shinhwa and Super Junior Forms Couples... Who was the most desired partner?

Shinhwa and Super Junior formed male couples together.
In JTBC "Shinhwa Broadcast" airing tomorrow, Shinhwa and Super Junior forming male couples could be seen.
In recent filming, Shinhwa and Super Junior formed bonds of friendship. At first, both teams were complaining, saying "What is this" and "I hate myself right now." But later on, they got so into it that they made themselves look like real couples.
Staff members said, "Shinhwa and Super Junior showed intense levels of affectionate touching and provocative dancing, appealing to one another."
They continued, "In order to win the love of a specific Shinhwa members, three Super Junior members held an intense competition."
This episode of JTBC "Shinhwa Broadcast" could be seen tomorrow night.
Photo Credit: JTBC
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2012 Asia Super Showcase 2012 in Malaysia

Super Junior-M will be back in Malaysia once again for their first Asia showcase, "2012 Asia Super Showcase".

Jointly organized by Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia, Artist Produced by S.M. Entertainment and Promoted by K Entertainment, "2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia" will be held on 11th December 2012 at Kenanga Wholesale City, Level 15 at 8pm.

Super Junior-M had their debut in 2008 and their current members consist of eight members namely Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kyuhyun,
 Eunhyuk, Zhou Mi and Henry. Not only will this be Super Junior-M's first Asia Super Showcase, exclusively for Malaysia, but they will be taking to the stage as a complete here on our shores.

Malaysia ELF a.k.a EverLasting Friends (as the Super Junior Official Fans are collectively know as) have long been awaiting the return of Super Junior-M to Malaysia after the group had their first live appearance 2011 at the Malaysian National Youth Day. On that day, an audience estimated at more than 30,000 showed up to celebrate the occasion with the group.

Ticket sales will begin on mid-October 2012. Ticketing details for the "2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia" will be released soon. In addition, the organizers will be releasing a Super surprise next week. For latest update on "2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia", please stay tuned to Marctensia Concerts' Facebook.( / Universal Music Malaysia Chinese( and Twitter ( / (

source: marctensia facebook


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Super Junior’s Leeteuk expresses his feelings prior to joining the Army

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently expressed his feelings prior to joining the Army.
On September 25, Leeteuk tweeted, “Things I Can See Only When I Stop written by Buddhist priest Haemin. This might be the most needed phrase for me. I have just been running forward. I should stop for a while to reflect on myself and to look around. I will try to become a better person.”
People who saw the tweet responded: “I hope you have safe trip to the Army.” “It will be a nice experience for you.” “I think life has become complicated prior to him joining the Army.”
Leeteuk will enter the 306 military training camp in Euijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province on October 30 and serve his duty in the Army.
Source: Starnews

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Taking the Metro Route: The Latest Metrosexual Fad in Korea

The global fad of the metrosexual image or the “metro look” for males is sparking quite a fervid fervor in cultures everywhere, especially here in Korea.

The idea of men wanting to be more stylish isn’t new, as fashion continues to repeat itself. In the late 60s and early 70s, for example, it was called the androgynous image or the “unisex look.” Today’s metrosexual term comes from the blending of metropolis and heterosexual. The British journalist Mark Simpson coined the term and described what the look was all about in his 1994 article “Here Comes the Mirror Men.” In it, he brazenly states, “Male vanity has finally come out of the closet.” Famous actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt, along with British soccer star David Bechman, are used by him as prime examples of the metro look. Why? Simpson adds, “Because they loved being looked at and men and women love looking at them.”

In Korea, the younger generation has embraced the look by taking the route of making themselves attractive in a very conspicuous manner that mirrors the seriousness women do. What does this image actually entail? Impeccably groomed body hair which is commonly referred to as “manscaping” is a must (not to mention, a well sprayed head of hair). Popular clothing articles include tightly tailored pants, trendy loafers and extremely pointy shoes. Plus, there is the using of toiletries which were once considered only in the female domain.

The hottest items use all shades of pink— light, medium dark, purpled pink, and everything in between. The items range from a myriad of clothing items to simply wearing a striking pink tie to work. Korean men are bringing the ad slogan “Tough Guys Wear Pink” to life.

Zipper ties are in and they come with pre-tied knots and a zipper that goes up or down to snugly fit the wearer’s neck. One must, of course, have a matching murse (man purse). Some might sneer at the thought of a murse, but men have merely realized how convenient such bags are instead of trying to put everything into a wallet or pockets. Scarves have also become a great accessory that is no longer just a neck warming utilitarian object (actor Jang Keun Suk is most noted for popularizing the scarf with a man-blouse). It is properly worn draping ones shoulder as to better bring out the color of the eyes. The group SHINee are the epitome of the overall dress look with their glittering suits, light reflecting ties and sugar coated dress shirts. These boys have proved, for men, shiny is the new black.

The Korean metro man, who is confident in his masculinity, is typically young with money to spend (looking good and maintaining it isn’t always cheap) and lives in, or is within, easy reach of a major city (hence the name) because that is where the best shops, clubs, gyms, and hairdressers are located.
Probably the most noticeable aspect of a metro man is his willingness to use all of cosmetics and health care items available to make himself as alluring as his female counterpart. Some of the most photographed celebrities sporting heavy makeup are G-Dragon of Big Bang, Kevin of U-kiss, Leeteuk and Sungmin of Super Junior, Jinwoon of 2AM and Hong Ki of FT Island.

Tim Gunn, respected men’s designer and Project Runway’s resident fashion guru, had this to say about the look while on one of the Oprah shows dedicated to male makeovers, “Men simply are realizing that women were on to something concerning how to present themselves. It has nothing to do with gender or masculinity. It has to do with becoming style conscious and trying to highlight ones finest attributes.”

Spring is the time for new beginnings, so go out and experiment with your fashion look, and maybe, you’ll boldly go the metro route. 

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Kim Dong Wan Chosen as #1 Shinhwa Member Super Junior Wants to Be

While Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan wished he could be Jun Jin, Super Junior members said they want to be Kim Dong Wan. 

On September 22, Super Junior appeared on jTBC’sShinhwa Broadcast, where the members picked the Shinhwa members they want to be reborn as.
In first place was Kim Dong Wan while at last was Lee Min Woo. 

On why they chose Kim Dong Wan, Sungmin said, “He looks like he has a good personality and a lot of understanding. I bowed to him once when I was trainee, and even though he was a senior, he bowed back at me.”

Eunhyuk humorously said, “If I had Kim Dong Wan’s handsome face, I would use it with more wisdom.” 

Ryeowook added that Kim Dong Wan seems to have an easy-going personality and is entertaining on variety shows. 

On hearing the Super Junior members complimenting Kim Dong Wan, the other Shinhwa members disapproved and told Super Junior to spend some time with Kim Dong Wan to see his true personality. 

Photo Credit: jTBC

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Shinhwa and Super Junior Fight to the Death with Swords and Balloons

Pushing aside all superiority rankings aside, Shinhwa and Super Junior fought to the death in an intense battle for the Forbidden City.

On September 22, Shinhwa and Super Junior hopped on an imaginary airplane and fought for each destination they stopped at on jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast.

One of the first places the two idol groups stopped at was China, where they had to ride on miniature plastic horses, while trying to pop each other’s balloons with a plastic sword.

Eric and Sungmin were named the emperor after winning the screaming contest and the other group members served to protect their leaders.

While the whole situation seemed silly with 12 grown men riding plastic horses and stabbing each other with plastic swords, the battle proved to be dramatic, with accidental deaths, members diving to save the emperor, and an emperor face-off.

In the end, the Shinhwa team lost 2:0 and Super Junior was able to claim the Forbidden City

Shinhwa and Super Junior will continue their battle in the next episode of Shinhwa Broadcast on September 29.

Photo Credit: jTBC

This article was edited on Septembr 25, 2012 at 13:52 KST to correct that Sungmin was the emperor, not Yesung. 

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, and Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu’s enlistment dates finalized

Super Junior’s Leeteuk, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, and Mighty Mouth’s Sanchu‘s enlistment dates have all been finalized and it seems we will have to get ready to say goodbye to the three stars this October.
8eight’s Lee Hyun will be entering first as his enlistment date is on October 8th. Leeteuk and Sanchu will then enter for their basic training for five weeks on October 30th.
All three will be serving as active duty soldiers for 21 months after their basic training.
It was unclear at first if Leeteuk and Sangchu would be serving as active soldiers since they are known to have suffered from injuries. However, due to their strong determination to serve as active duty soldiers, they were eventually admitted despite their injuries.
Now that Leeteuk’s enlistment date has been confirmed for next month, his last recording dates for SBS’ Star King’ and ‘Strong Heart’ will soon be determined by the PD and staff.
Lee Hyun will also be wrapping up just in time before his enlistment with the release of a goodbye single on October 5th, while Sanchu will be putting Mighty Mouth activities on hold for a while.
Source + image(s): TV Daily via NateNewsen
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Super Junior′s Leeteuk to Enlist on October 30

Super Junior′s leader Leeteuk will be enlisting on October 30.

After receiving five weeks of basic military training at the training camp in Uijeongbu, he will serve on active duty for the following 21 months.

Leeteuk debuted with his group Super Junior in 2005. Due to the straining choreography put on him since then and the car crash he was hit with in 2007, his herniated disk had become even more aggravated, making him ineligible for active duty.

He, however, showed a strong will to enter the army on active duty, and in the end was able to do as he wished after concentrating on treating his disk.

Leeteuk has also been active as a variety MC, and has been loved for his feats in SBS′ Star King and Strong Heart. He plans to leave the shows after talking over his schedule with the producers before he enlists.

As Super Junior enjoys global popularity, many fans and press are expected to see him off on the day of his enlistment.

Super Junior recently wrapped up promotions for its sixth album Sexy, Free & Single and is currently supporting individual member ventures.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Super Junior, SNSD to perform when SMTOWN Live Tour III hits Singapore in November

SINGAPORE: Top Korean music groups like Super Junior and SNSD will perform in Singapore on November 23, during the Singapore stop of the SMTOWN Live Tour III.

The massive concert, which features numerous performances by Korean entertainment giant SM Entertainment's stable of artistes, is the first concert to be held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform, which can accommodate 18,000 people.

It will also be the first time members of the audience can go onto the floating stage.

According to organisers Running Into The Sun, mosh pit ticket holders will also be able to get as close as 10 feet to their idols.

The four-hour event will begin at 6.30pm and will feature large-scale pyrotechnics along with special stunts.

SMTOWN Live Tour III concerts have previously been staged in venues like New York's Madison Square Garden, and the Zenith de Paris concert arena in Paris.

"SM Town is truly the mother of all K-pop concerts and we're madly excited to bring this to Singapore," said Beatrice Chia-Richmond, Creative Director of Running Into The Sun.

"As a massive concert that has only been staged so far at iconic international venues, we hope this concert will impact Singapore and the region to bring progressive music and quality productions here." 

- CNA/ha

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Super Junior may stop by Singapore soon on SM Town Live World Tour

When they debuted seven years ago, Korean boy band Super Junior were very much fun-loving boys, with the youngest of them, Ryeo Wook, in his late teens.
This year, after the July release of their sixth album, they are confident, suave young men who exemplify the album’s title, Sexy, Free & Single.With their 10 members executing dance moves and crooning infectious tunes in perfect unison, Super Junior are topping the charts in South Korea, Taiwan and China, and selling out seats at the Tokyo Dome.
Super Show 4, their six-month world tour which started last year, made stops in Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Macau, Bangkok, Paris, Shanghai and Jakarta.
They will return to perform in South-east Asia, including a likely stop in Singapore, over the next couple of months as part of the SM Town Live World Tour.

Lee Teuk explains about Kang Ye Sol's disclosure

Lee Teuk explained about the text messages that he sent to Kang Ye Sol.
On 19th, Lee Teuk wrote on his Twitter, "Entertainers live by their images, and no matter how their actual personalities are, they can become someone totally different just by image making. However, that still has limits, and time will reveal everything."
He continued, "Just stay a day with me. I'll show you what I do all day. If you need my phone, I'll give it to you. See what kind of calls or messages I get."
He made such a post to explain about Kang Ye Sol and SISTAR's DaSom's disclosure during SBS 'Strong HEart'.
During the show, Kang Ye Sol said, "Lee Teuk sends me text messages everytime he changes his phone number," and DaSom also said, "I thought he liked me because of frequent text messages, but he was sending similar ones to other members, too."
On the other hand, Kang Ye Sol confessed that her real name was Lim Il Gyu.
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk sends text messages to female celebrities late at night?

In the September 18th episode of SBS TV talk show ‘Strong Heart’, the theme was set at 77ers national representatives with guests like Lee Ji Hyun, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Jang Hoon, Kang Ye Sol, SISTAR’s Dasom, Kim Seo Ra, Jung Hyun Jae, and many others in attendance.
During the broadcast, it was revealed that Super Junior’s Leeteuk had sent a text message late in the night to actress Kang Ye Sol who recently starred in tvN drama ‘I Need Romance 2012’.
Kang Ye Sol expressed that she was really happy to see Leeteuk and revealed the ‘flirtatious’ encounter, “I had worked with Leeteuk before on another program in the past, so we often text each other. There was once when he texted me at 3AM in the morning saying that ‘I’m Leeteuk oppa’.”
Following which, Dasom also revealed, “Leeteuk oppa also texted me early in the morning, asking me to wear more clothes because of the cold weather.”
Meanwhile during the same broadcast, Kang Ye Sol revealed that her real name is Im Yi Gyu, and it was all thanks to the lucky name, that she was able to escape losing her life when she was little.
Seo In Guk shows his sexy charm for ‘allure Korea’.
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Why did Super Junior Kyu Hyun took a taxi?

Every thursday night on tvN, The Real Talk Show Taxi is on the television, but this thursday is little or much more special than any other thyrsday. Because Super Junior Kyu Hyun talked frankly how he think about the comeback of Kim Gu ra.

Kim Gu ra is a new MC for the show, and Super Junior Kyu Hyun came to this show as a guest.

He said when I first heard that you he is coming back I was speechless. I was so happy that I didn’t know what to say.

During the show, Kim Gu ra thanked him. Kim Gu ra said; As a entertainer, the most fearful thing is to be forgotten, and when I was not working Kyu Hyun brought a doll looks just like me on the television. (photo by tvN)

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To stand out in Super Junior, sometimes a side job helps

Korea Times, KF and CJ E&M
Young K-pop fans may just kill for the chance to walk backstage on the set of "M Countdown," a popular cable television music program in South Korea.
A few short steps and the immaculately styled Lee Sung Min, a member of the band Super Junior, whizzes by. Then up ahead, in a room with a paper sign showing the group's name on the door, there's Shin Dong Hee having his violet-colored hair fussed over, as Choi Si Won steps into the room.
With its 10 members executing dance moves and addictive tunes in unison, Super Junior is one of the latest acts topping charts in Korea, Taiwan and China, and selling out seats at Tokyo Dome. But that hasn't stopped the group and its talented members from evolving.
When they debuted seven years ago, the group was still very young, the youngest being Kim Ryeo Wook in his late teens.
But now, after the July release of their sixth album, the band members have grown up — as is evident with the album's title, "Sexy, Free & Single."
"Yes, we thought about slowing down on activities like appearing on entertainment programs, or acting or other things. But it's our appearances that have propelled us, in a synergistic way with our music, to our current popularity," says Park Jung Soo, also known as Lee Teuk, the leader of the group. "We want to be able to continue as Super Junior for a long time to come; we would like to be national idols so I don't think we will be slowing down on nonmusic activities."
Super Junior commands some very devoted fans not only in Korea but throughout much of Asia.
"Allow me to speak frankly. We have no rivals in Southeast Asia, and in particular in China," says Ye Sung (real name: Kim Jong Woon) with a deadpan look that reveals a slight glint of humor in his eye.
"I think the fans like our approachability and our good looks," says Lee Tuek.
"I've read a lot of what foreign fans write on the Internet. That's what they said, that we're good looking," Eun Hyuk (Lee Hyuk Jae) chips in. It's at this point that they begin to reveal they're joking, realizing their hard work has been matched by some great stylists.
Since their debut in December 2005, Super Junior has worked doggedly not only in music but appearing in popular entertainment programs to increase the group's exposure. They also perform in Southeast Asian markets, where other big-name groups such as TVXQ were cautiously knocking on doors.
"In the early 2000s, not many Southeast Asian nations were open to K-pop concerts. But after our performance, things changed. You can say that K-pop grew as we grew," Lee Tuek says.
Where does this confidence come from? It could be fan reaction. When Super Junior visited Thailand in 2006, they sparked havoc at an airport when fans mobbed them. Or they could be riding on the current heightened interest in South Korean pop culture and being able to collaborate with leading musicians and choreographers.
"We also work with world-class talent on our music," the leader adds expanding on how the group's songs gain attention worldwide. The choreography for "Sorry Sorry" was created by Nick Bass and for "Sexy, Free & Single," it was done by Devin Jamieson.
The fact that they have the most members — a total of 12, but currently only 10 are active as Kim Hee Chul is serving his military duty while Kim Ki Bum is focusing on acting — works to their advantage.
The members' activities outside the band (acting, hosting TV shows, DJing, etc.) keep fans interested by showcasing individual qualities that could otherwise get buried in the group.
"I would like to be a next-generation MC," Lee Tuek states boldly, only to laugh sheepishly when told his eyes were burning with ambition.
Members such as Si Won, Lee Dong Hae and Ye Sung are focusing or want to focus on acting. Sung Min is nurturing dreams of starring in more musicals.
"I would like to represent the face of Korea; so that people know there is a Choi Si Won in Korea," Si Won says.
Don't expect the group to part ways any time soon, though. They perform in Jakarta on Sept. 22 as part of the SM Town Live World Tour. Let's hope the airport has beefed up security.
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