Sunday, 30 September 2012

[Chuseok Special] Male Stars We’d Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Chuseok, or Korean thanksgiving, is one of the biggest holidays in Korea, where the entire family gathers to celebrate together. 

One of the most asked questions that we receive from our relatives during this time (or all the time in Korea) is the inescapable “Do you have a boyfriend?” 

So it had us wondering, if we could choose five male stars to bring home to meet the family during this Chuseok season, who would they be?

Choi Siwon

Not only is he handsome with a hot body, Choi Siwon of Super Junior is probably one of the most well-mannered idols out there. 

He goes out of his way to show his support for the people he cares about and always remembers to celebrate the birthdays of the important people in his life. 

When danger arrives, he’ll become your personal body guard (and soldier of light), and we’re sure our fathers approve of that. 

And did we remember to mention that he’s ridiculously good-looking?
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