Friday, 7 September 2012

How Did Super Junior′s Shindong Become a Successful CEO?

Super Junior’s Shindong revealed his business secrets as a PC bang (room) CEO.

On the September 5 broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, Shindong confessed, “For those people who don’t eat anything [at the PC bang], I have my own strategy.”

He then went on to say, “I first partnered up with a rice cake house. I bought a box of steamed rice cake and cut it into the little pieces. I passed them out to the customers and 100% of them ordered drinks. There’s no way they can eat that without drinking something.”

What about those people who don’t eat rice cakes?

Shindong replied, “If you stimulate the senses, people order food no matter what. If there’s an empty seat I’ll make one of our workers change out of their uniform and have him sit there. Then he’ll order ramen out loud, which stimulates the sense of hearing, and before handing it to him, I’ll make sure to walk around in a circle so they get a good whiff of the ramen.”

He added, “In order to stimulate the sense of sight, you have to eat it deliciously. I tell him to eat making as much sound as possible and it’s game over. People start ordering ramen everywhere.”

Photo credit: MBC

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