Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kim Dong Wan Chosen as #1 Shinhwa Member Super Junior Wants to Be

While Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan wished he could be Jun Jin, Super Junior members said they want to be Kim Dong Wan. 

On September 22, Super Junior appeared on jTBC’sShinhwa Broadcast, where the members picked the Shinhwa members they want to be reborn as.
In first place was Kim Dong Wan while at last was Lee Min Woo. 

On why they chose Kim Dong Wan, Sungmin said, “He looks like he has a good personality and a lot of understanding. I bowed to him once when I was trainee, and even though he was a senior, he bowed back at me.”

Eunhyuk humorously said, “If I had Kim Dong Wan’s handsome face, I would use it with more wisdom.” 

Ryeowook added that Kim Dong Wan seems to have an easy-going personality and is entertaining on variety shows. 

On hearing the Super Junior members complimenting Kim Dong Wan, the other Shinhwa members disapproved and told Super Junior to spend some time with Kim Dong Wan to see his true personality. 

Photo Credit: jTBC

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