Friday, 7 September 2012

Lee Soo Man Confuses Super Junior′s Choi Siwon for Kangta

Siwon is known for looking a lot like H.O.T’s Kangta, but even Lee Soo Man couldn’t tell them apart in the beginning.

On the September 5 broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, Choi Siwon confessed, “There was a time when Lee Soo Man confused me for Kangta.”

Choi added, “I saw CEO Lee Soo Man for the first time and said hello. He saw me and said ‘Chil Hyeon (Kangta’s real name), come here. Oh wait, you’re not Chil Hyeon.’”

He also talked about showing off his Taekwondo skills in front of Lee Soo Man and said, “As soon as CEO Lee Soo Man saw me, he asked what I do well. Because Taekwondo was my forte, I started doing pumsae (Taekwondo techniques used against an imaginary opponent). He clapped after he saw that and said, ‘You can be the Jackie Chan of Korea’.”

via enewsworld

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