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[Readers Appreciation Month] enewsWorld’s Hottest Issues of the Year

enewsWorld readers, with the latest news on today’s hottest stars.

And although we’ve covered comebacks and scandals a-many, there were a few standout stories that riled up and evoked a fiery response from our readers. 

So for our final piece in the Readers Appreciation Month series, we’ve highlighted the top issues that had our readers abuzz for days. 

And while scandals and controversies make up a fair share of our list, you may be surprised by some of the other issues that wound up on our list. 

When it comes to celebrity news, nothing gets a hot response like dating rumors, and Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News’s report on Super Junior member Eunhyuk and IU’s possible secret romance was a hit among our readers.

The show connected many dots that suggested the two idol stars might be an item, and although it was pretty convincing, but we won’t be completely sold until we hear it straight from the stars. 

Most of our readers should be well aware our weekly K-Pop Battles by now, in which we pit two K-Pop stars against each other and ask our readers to vote for their favorite singer.

Over the past year, a number of stars have faced off in these battles, but no pairing has evoked as big of a response as the leaders match, where Super Junior’s Leeteuk and 2NE1’s CL went head to head to vie for our readers’ votes. 

With Super Junior and 2NE1 each boasting huge fan bases, we shouldn’t have been surprised by our readers’ passionate response, but we were still overwhelmed by the numbers it recorded. 

If you haven’t already, remember to get your votes in for this week’s K-Pop Battle, where the tvN drama queens SNSD’s Sooyoung and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji are currently facing off

Another top news story on our website was the release of Super Junior’s 2012 calendar at the end of last year. 

Although celebrities releasing a calendar is nothing to write home about, our readers were psyched about spending 2012 with Super Junior, as it remains one of enewsWorld’s top-read stories. 

And we were reminded once again of Super Junior’s massive popularity. 

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