Thursday, 20 September 2012

Super Junior, CNBLUE, Boyfriend, Infinite and more in the monthly Oricon rankings for August

As every month, the Oricon rankings are filled with releases by Korean artists and August didn't prove to be any different.

Super Juniortakes the top spot for any Korean release in the single rankings after selling 118,902 copies of their latest single "Sexy, Free and Single". Following on a 13th spot is Boyfriend's debut single "Be My Shine ~Kimi o Hanasanai~" which sold 56,421 copies since its release. The Japanese version of Infinite's "She's Back" got to a 19th spot with FT Island's "Top Secret" just one step lower on the 20th. They sold 38,998 and 37,262 copies respectively. B1A4's "Oyasumi Good Night" was good for 35,779 units and a 21st place whereas Supernova closed the list for Korean releases with "She's Gone" at 23 and 29,111 copies sold.

In the monthly album rankings, CNBLUE took the 7th place, selling 45,151 copies of "CODE NAME BLUE". Super Junior's Korean album "Spy" made an entrance, having sold 19,748 copies while girl group Secret's first Japanese full length album "Welcome to Secret Time" sold 10,992 copies and made it to a 36th spot.

Which was your favorite release of the month?

The monthly Oricon rankings for September are set to be revealed early October and will include sales for Supernova, 2NE1, 2AM and many more.

06. Super Junior - Sexy, Free and Single (08/22) 118,902 copies
13. Boyfriend - Be My Shine ~Kimi o Hanasanai~ (08/22) 56,421 copies
19. Infinite - She's Back (08/29) 38,998 copies
20. FT Island - Top Secret (08/08] 37,262 copies
21. B1A4 - Oyasumi Good Night (08/29) 35,779 copies
23. Supernova - She's Gone (08/29) 29,111 copies

07. CNBLUE - Code Name Blue (08/29) 45,151 copies
21. Super Junior - Spy (08/08) 19,748 copies (Korean Release)
36. Secret - Welcome to Secret Time (08/22) 10,992 copies

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