Sunday, 30 September 2012

Why SM Group Leaders Love Being Leaders

The title of leader is usually followed by great responsibility. The same goes for idol group leaders. Some can′t stand it, and decide to abandon their posts.

SM Entertainment, however, seemingly gives special treatment to its idol group leaders.

On the September 26 broadcast of MBC′s Radio Star, SHINee′s Onew said to a question asking whether he′s burdened by his being a leader, "Not at all. Being a leader is a good thing."

The observation by MC Yoon Jong Shin that followed made everyone curious about why SM leaders want to remain as leaders.
Yoon Jong Shin said, "SM leaders for some reason never say they can′t do it anymore. For example, Super Junior′s Leeteuk always wants to keep his power (?)."

Fellow member Kyuhyun′s explanation was surprising. He confessed that when the group travels abroad on overseas schedules, the company gives Leeteuk the benefit of staying in the suite room of their hotel.

"My room is so small after I bring my luggage in that I only have space to lie myself down, but Leeteuk hyung′s (big brother) room feels like it′s 50 pyeongs (more than 150 square meters) wide," he said.

Onew, however, was also one of the surprised ones. He implied that the preferential treatment was only given to Super Junior′s leader, as he said, "It′s not like that for us. They treat me specially, but that treatment means I get to use my room with the manager."

He explained that because SHINee has five members, one member has to use his room with the manager and that mostly turns out to be Onew.

Onew softly complained about the difference in treatment with just one word, "Mr. President..."

Photo credit: MBC
via enewsworld

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