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Siwon's Twitter Photo Update

'Let's Go Together Leeteuk', Fans Hold Signs as he Enters Army

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Super Junior Leeteuk has Last Hugs with Members Before Entering Army

Super Junior Leeteuk Enlists for Active Duty, 'Shaved Head'

8 Idol Stars Currently Serving (Or Finished) Their Military Duty

Super Junior’s Leeteuk has joined the Korean army today to fulfill his 21-month mandatory military duty. We feel for all you Super Junior fans and we understand how tough it’s going to be to wait for Leeteuk’s comeback.

One way to help time go by faster is to check out Soompi’s own collection of “Leeteuk’s 10 Cutest & Sexiest Moments” here, but if that’s not enough, we recommend that you go through this list to see which idols are currently enlisted, or even finished their military service. There’s no doubt 21 months are a long time to wait, but sometimes it’s best to just patiently wait, and the 21 months will be gone before you know!

Flip through the list and don’t forget to let us know if we missed anyone! We miss you Leeteuk!

Super Junior’s Kang In

Kang In used to be one of the busiest and most popular Super Junior members prior to joining the Korean army in 2010. Although his image was slightly hurt following a slew of controversies that year, he successfully completed his two year service and is now fully back as a proud SuJu member

Super Junior’s Heechul

Can you believe it’s already been over a year since Heechul enlisted? Heechul bid farewell to his fans in September 2011 and is currently serving as public service personnel in Seoul. Public service personnel have more freedom than regular soldiers, and that’s why you frequently see Heechul’s photos on other celebrities’ personal Twitter and me2day accounts. In less than a year, Heechul will be done with his military service!


Goodbye Leeteuk! 10 Cutest & Sexiest Leeteuk Moments To Help Time Go By Faster

Earlier today, Super Junior’s Leeteuk reported to the Gyeonggido Euijeongbu 306 training center, where he will take part in basic training for five weeks. Afterwards, he will serve the remaining 21 months as an active duty soldier. Hundreds of local and international fans waited for him since early morning to send him off. 

Before heading in, Leeteuk revealed, “It hasn’t really sunk in just yet. I think it’ll tomorrow morning when I wake up and see a different ceiling. I will do my best not as celebrity Leeteuk, but as soldier Park Jung Soo.” Leeteuk will be discharged from the military on July 29, 2014. 

We’ve compiled a gallery of Leeteuk’s cutest, funniest, and sexiest moments to help pass time during his 22 month absence. Hopefully this will help ease the longing until he comes back!
Leeteuk exposes his upper body and washboard abs for a pictorial for the first time after his debut. 
The leader bares his back in a sexy black halter top during practice. 
Baby Leeteuk shows off his big smile and favorite toy.
Baby Leeteuk literally falls asleep…Adult Leeteuk follows…
Surprisingly – or not – he pulls off the bunny look very well!  
Apparently, Leeteuk thought so to because he decided to go all out this time in a furry bunny suit! 
Leeteuk had a way of melting a woman’s heart from a very young age. 
Who’s man enough to get a facial and share it? Leeteuk
Leeteuk looks sharp in an an all-black suit and red bow tie for “Strong Heart” 
Leeteuk photoshops himself into a woman’s body. He tweeted, “It seems similar but different feeling~ I have a lot of time on my hands,” and attached a rather sensual photo of his face pasted onto the body of a female model. 

SM Entertainment’s dance unit ‘Younique’ releases “MAXSTEP” MV

SM Entertainment‘s Younique dance unit has finally released the music video for “MAXSTEP“!
The agency and Hyundai have partnered up to release the ‘PYL Younique Album‘. This is the first time an entertainment agency has collaborated with a car company to release an album, and the collaboration has been gathering much attention.
BoAGirls’ Generation‘s Jessica, and a dance unit team composed of Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, Girls’ Generation’s HyoyeonSHINee‘s TaeminSuper Junior-M‘s HenryEXO-K‘s Kai, and EXO-M‘s Luhanare featured in the album.
Check out the “MAXSTEP” MV below!
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Super Junior K.R.Y announces dates for upcoming Japan tour

Super Junior’s sub unit Super Junior K.R.Y will have their 1st concert in Kobe and Yokohama, Japan in November. It is reported that all the tickets for Yokohama and Kobe's performances were already sold out. To meet audiences' expectation, Super Junior K.R.Y decided to open one more encore performance in January, 2013 in Budokan with 15,000 seats.
The concert dates have finally announced recently . Fans are really excited about the tour. 

National Convention Hall of Yokohama – City of Yokohama
November 19th, 2012 – 6:30pm
November 20th, 2012 – 6:30pm
November 21st, 2012 – 6:30pm

Kobe World Memory Hall – City of Kobe
December 22nd, 2012 – 6:00pm
December 23rd, 2012 – 4:00pm
December 24, 2012 – 4:00pm

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[Fancam] 121030 Super Junior at Leeteuk Military Enlistment

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Eeteuk Enlistment Day [Fancam] - 2

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Eeteuk Enlistment Day [Fancam]

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Comedienne Kim Young Lee Says Leeteuk is the Oldest-Looking in Super Junior

It must′ve been the day for comediennes to build up their courage to diss hot celebrities. 

On the October 29 broadcast of Gag Concert, during the skit, ‘Comedic Actresses,’ Kim Young Hee announced that she was going to sue Leeteuk. 

As a comedienne, who repeats over and over again that she is only 29 years old and not an old lady, Kim Young Hee shared an encounter with the idol star.

“One year ago, I appeared as a guest for a radio program that Super Junior is in charge of,” said Kim Young Hee. “There, Leeteuk saw me and said, ‘Please do your best, nuna’ and bowed to me like a folder.”

The kicker was that Kim Young Hee was not older than Leeteuk, but the same age. “And what’s more, his birthday is faster than mine!” added the comedienne. 

Kim Young Hee mentioned the fact to Leeteuk who didn’t believe her. But when he searched her birthday online, he expressed his shock and then went around and showed every staff member that Kim Young Hee was older than him. 

“Even if the world was square, he probably wouldn’t have been as shocked as he was that day,” said Kim Young Hee, with the audience’s laughter ringing in her ears. 

At the end of her part, Kim Young Hee faced the camera and sent out a shout out to Leeteuk, saying “Is just saying, ‘Hey Young Hee~’ too hard for you? Leeteuk! Listen carefully! Idols are supposed to look young, but in Super Junior, you’re the oldest looking!” 

Meanwhile, Leeteuk has yet to respond to Kim Young Hee’s comedy sketch. He will be enlisting in the army on October 30. 

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Super Junior′s Leeteuk and Mighty Mouth′s Sangchoo to Enlist Today

Super Junior′s leader Leeteuk and Mighty Mouth′s Sangchoo will be joining the army together.

On October 30, the two will enter the rank of reserves in Uijeongbu, receive their basic military training and then serve on active duty.

Leeteuk′s enlistment scene is expected to draw many press members and fans who want to see off the leader of one of the biggest hallyu groups in the world. A few fellow Super Junior members have also said they will be there, meaning more fans may rush to the scene to see the members together for the last time in a while.

Sangchoo will be entering the army after fighting to receive his active soldier status. He was originally categorized as a public service worker, but because he wanted to be on active duty he took care to heal his injury and finally achieved a change in categorization after retaking his physical exam.

Because the two were fairly active in variety, various programs will in the meantime be struggling to fill their empty spots. On October 29, Leeteuk visited Kang Ho Dong at his first shoot for Star King in order to congratulate him as the former MC of the show.


Super Junior managers left messages for Leeteuk who entered a training camp today

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[BEHIND-THE-SCENES] Eunhyuk and Henry on the Set of PYL YOUNIQUE UNIT - MAXSTEP Music Video Shoot

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Eeteuk Enlistment Video


EN : '슈주' 이특, 떠나기 전 멤버들에게 남긴 말은?


Super Junior′s Leeteuk Says Final Farewell to Fans

Super Junior′s leader Leeteuk finally stood before his fans and members of the media, who had beenwaiting at the army base in Uijeongbu since early this morning, to say his final farewell before officially beginning his mandatory military service today. 

Leeteuk greet the press and swarm of fans at Uijeongbu′s 306 Reserve Batallion on October 30, where he will be recieving basic military training before serving on active duty.

Super Junior′s Leeteuk Says Goodbye Through Twitter

Super Junior′s Leeteuk said goodbye to his fans through his Twitter account.

On October 30, Leeteuk tweeted, "Be well! Stay healthy! I′ll be back soon! So wait just a little while," and added, "Write me letters, so I won′t be lonely."

He also said, "Thank you to all the fans who would′ve waited since early morning. It′ll be cold so be careful not to get sick! I′ll miss you the most. I shouldn′t start crying."

"I′ll miss you. I love you! I don′t have much time now. I′ll be back soon!!! I salute you," he said.

Leeteuk entered his training camp on October 30 along with Mighty Mouth′s Sangchoo. The two will serve on active duty after receiving their basic military training.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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More videos from Excentrique0611 (playlist)

[TVDaily] 121029 Leeteuk's Enlistment to the Military Service

[MyDaily 2] 121029 Leeteuk's Enlistment to the Military Service

Sasaeng Fans Bother Super Junior’s Lee Teuk Day Before Enlistment

Lee Teuk, from idol group Super Junior, has confessed that he puts up with sasaeng fans (“fans” who stalk celebrities and intrude in their personal lives) even the day before he leaves for military service.
On October 29, he used his twitter to tell his sasaeng fans to stop. Lee Teuk said, “Sasaeng fans are still following me even up to the day before my enlistment. What should I do. Please just leave me alone for today.” He later updated his twitter, “I have nowhere to go. I’m going home to pack and move my luggage.”
It’s been previously reported that Lee Teuk will go to Uijeongbu, Gyeonggido for his training. He has injured his back from a car accident after finishing up a schedule back in 2007. But rather than being excused with an easier military position, he decided to receive physical therapy to qualify for active duty.
Soompiers, it’s sad that sasaeng fans are bothering him in general, but especially on his last day before entering the military. Do you think sasaeng fans are real fans? How can celebrities make them stop intruding in their personal lives? Also, what do you think of paparazzis compared to sasaeng fans?
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk Shaves His Head at Geek Magazine’s Photo Shoot

Super Junior’s Leeteuk reportedly got his head shaved during the photo spread of fashion magazine Geek. The head shaving was done due to his impending enlistment on October 30, but Leeteuk made sure he put everything on the record by taking photos of his shaving process during Geek Magazine’s photo spread.
The photos, scheduled to go on the cover of Geek Magazine’s December issue, were taken on October 26 in Seoul. Leeteuk is reported to have said, “Please cut off my hair slowly,” as he got emotional at the thought of leaving his fans.
“But after we started taking photos, Leeteuk loosened up and started to lead the entire production team. He even left live commentary on his personal Twitter during the shaving process to gain extra fan interest,” an official from Geek Magazine said.
Netizens commented, “Oh no!” “Leeteuk, don’t leave us T.T,” and “He actually looks better in short hair.”
Leeteuk is scheduled to enlist in Korean army on October 30. He will first complete a 5 week boot camp training session before joining a regular army camp for his 21 month service.
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Super Junior’s Choi Si Won Reveals Ideal Girl

Choi Si Won, well known as the “face” of Super Junior, has revealed his ideal type of girl.
On October 28, he made a guest appearance on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” where the reporter asked him what he looks for in a girl. He responded, “I think that a girl with beautiful eyes is more truthful. That’s why I like a girl with beautiful eyes.” He went on, “And from the back, I wish she would have a beautiful neckline.”
On this day, he also shared that the Super Junior members are making more of an effort to hang out as a group because Lee Teuk is leaving on October 30 to the military. He lightened the atmosphere by saying, “The hyungs in the group haven’t really bought or treated us to something big. I think that the person who picks up the tab is the hyung.”
Soompiers, it’s normal in Korean culture that the older person picks up the tab. Times are changing and more people pay separately in the mainland, but it’s rare that a younger person pays for the older person. Why do you think younger paying for an older is a weird concept?
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8 Celebrities and Their Sasaeng Fan Incidents

Sasaeng fans, sasaeng fans, sasaeng, fans.. are they really fans? Several Soompiers have shared their thoughts that no, they’re not and some have wondered how they’ll think about their actions 5-10 years from now. It’s sad that this part of the fandom exists in the K-Pop world. It’s unfortunate that it’s so easy to follow celebrities because Seoul, and South Korea in general, is quite small making it convenient for such unwelcomed stalking.
Super Junior’s Lee Teuk recently posted on his twitter wishing that his sasaeng fans would leave him alone at least for today as it’s his last day before entering the military. There have been previous incidents where celebrities expressed their disdain because of the length sasaeng fans would go to show their “love.”
Here are a few of the many incidents revealed by idol groups in the past. Please feel free to add more to the list. Don’t know how, but hopefully the celebrities can live in peace.
Super Junior’s Choi Si Won
..hacked into Si Won’s twitter account. Si Won posted afterwards, “Real love is when you understand the person and are caring. Love is not when you invade someone’s privacy and spy on them. Please do not hack my account again. Please.”

*only share related part to Super Junior
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Super Junior’s Choi Si Won: “Leeteuk’s Empty Spot Will Deeply Affect Members”

Super Junior‘s Choi Si Won expressed some of the group sentiments about Super Junior Leader Leeteuk‘s enlistment at the latest broadcast of MBC’s Section TV Celebrity Talk, “Once Leeteuk is back from his enlistment, we hope to take a world tour together. Although his absence won’t be as apparent to those on the outside, it will be felt largely by those of us behind-the-scenes.” 
The big date for Leeteuk has been announced for October 30. 
In a heartwarming manner, Choi Si Won assured viewers and fans alike that, “No matter how much we find ourselves running out of time, the members will always set aside time to keep seeing one another.”
Aside from speaking on Leeteuk’s leave, Choi Si Won also shared about moments where he felt foolish, “When my dance coach told me to practice what I had learned that day once more, I thought misunderstood that as him telling me to go and see Bae Young Jun. Because of this, the members tease me for making a fool out of myself.”
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OSEN's Interview with Leeteuk

There is only about 8 days left until Super Junior Leeteuk's enlistment day. From a dazzling idol star to an ordinary Korean soldier, Leeteuk, while looking back at his busy life in his 20s in his 30s, it seems like he, who is currently standing at the big turning point of his life, has more smiles than before.

Leeteuk, who has been having schedules non-stop without much rest time for the past 7 years will be enlisting this month end. Lately, he has been arranging his thoughts while reading the book that Master Hyemin wrote, "The things that you will discover if you stop". Even though his thoughts have been sad and sullen, he has decided to turn all these negative thoughts into positive energy. When we saw him recently, his expressions and voice has been as bright as before.

"Time really passes very fast. A while ago, I told Donghae 'there is only 13 days left' and Donghae replied 'hyung, it's 12 days'. Now, there is only about a week's time left. It is only now that I'm starting to feel that time really flies. When I was reading the book, it made me escape from my troubles and see a whole new world so now, I am viewing my enlistment positively."

Leaving the entertainment industry for a little while, the places that he will be missing the most is probably the stage and broadcast stations. As the leader of Super Junior, which is popular throughout the whole world, and as an entertainer that has been active throughout all sorts of variety programs, it may be said that Leeteuk has put in everything in his career.

"Originally, I don't really like keeping in touch with people but recently, no matter where I go, I will carry my phone with me. When I see the people that gave me help before, I would think 'I should have treated them better'. So lately, I have been meeting them and while chatting with them, I've discovered that the world is so beautiful. It is only now that I've learnt how to have leisure in my life. If only I thought this way earlier, I would have enjoyed life earlier. (laugh)"

Even though in Super Junior, Kangin has already been discharged and Heechul is currently doing public service, there is a different kind of significance with Leeteuk enlisting into the army. Being the group's core all this while, the question about who will take over the leader's spot after he enlists had been a focus point in discussions. When being asked, Leeteuk broke into laughter.

"Because our members have always been doing well so I've decided to just leave like this. If I gave the leader spot to someone else, if he does well, I am afraid that when I come back, my spot will not be there any more so I told them 'I trust all of you' and decided to just enlist like this. (laugh)"

The thing that Leeteuk will be most worried about while he is serving the army is undeniably, Super Junior.

"I can't say that I am not worried about it at all. The worst scenario that can happen while I am serving the army is probably that the team's strength will look weaker. About this, really, it's the most worrying. But I trust my members. I trust that they will do very well."

In regards to his personal aspects, Leeteuk still has his dream of a having a solo MC talk show. Starting off as a funny guest and before we knew it, Leeteuk has become a main cast for SBS's Strong heart and Star King. He, who has been slowly growing, is also preparing to continue to assist his hyungs as an MC after he is discharged from the army. Through a phone call with Kang Hodong lately, Leeteuk also told him "After I come back from the army, I will assist hyung".

"It seems like even after I get discharged from the army, I am still the MC of the next generation. (laugh) Hyungs are very reliable so I wish to stay by their side to learn. Even though there is still a long way for me to go in order to become a good MC, but I will work hard and I also hope that one day, I can be an MC in Japan. It seems like there are a lot of things that I am able to learn in the army so I will do my very best to complete everything that will be assigned to me."

The 1983-born Leeteuk will be turning 30 soon. As much as becoming a soldier, he wishes to be a person who is even more cautious and strong.

"I want end my glorious 20s life well. I think that when I am in my 30s, wouldn't it be a time that I have to give back to everyone? While over-flowing with enthusiasm, I will become someone who is more mature and stronger. Ever since I was young, I always float about and move on so my teacher told me 'don't always be above the clouds like that, try to step on the ground'. (laugh) Now, I really have to step on the ground and become someone who is strong and cheerful."

The Strong Heart recording on the 25th will be his last schedule before his enlistment. After all his packed schedule, he will be enlisting.

"What if I cry? The hyungs who have already been discharged from the army told me that the thing they regret the most is that they went in while crying. So I will definitely try hard to not cry. (laugh)"

Leeteuk will be enlisting via Gyeonggi-do, Uijeongbu Reserve 306 on the 30th and after 5 weeks of basic training, he will be starting the 21 months of active service. Even though Leeteuk had a disc hernia from the car accident in 2007, he wants to be under active service so after constantly receiving treatments, he will be enlisting as a soldier in active service as scheduled.

Source: OSEN
Korean-Chinese translation by anteuk @ Weibo
Chinese-English translation by ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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New Still of Choi Siwon for “King of Dramas” Released

A new still of Choi Siwon in the upcoming drama, “King Of Dramas” has been released. The still showed off Choi Siwon’s self-glowing, statuesque looks.
Choi Siwon plays the role of Kang Hyun Min, who is gentle and possess great looks as Asia’s top star. His character hates thinking too deeply and likes simple things. Therefore, he falls easily in love and contrary to his great looks, his actions are random and strange.
Choi Siwon is said to visit the set even on days where he doesn’t have any recordings scheduled in order to get adjusted to the atmosphere and focus on his character.
A source from the “King Of Dramas” team stated, “Choi Siwon is always well-mannered and kind but he is perfectly executing the random and strange character of Kang Hyun Min. You can expect to see an unexpected charm with his good looks and strange personality so we hope you will give a lot of your interest in this drama.”
“King Of Dramas” will air its pilot episode on November 5.
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