Thursday, 18 October 2012

10 Idols With the Most Followed Twitter Accounts

We fans never fail to show our support of our favorite KPOP idols. Not only do we attend their events, watch them in music shows and buying their albums, but we also show our support by following them in their accounts, and one of which is Twitter! Us international fans just can’t help but want to update ourselves with their activities. However, are you curious as to who has the most followers? Below are the Top 10 idols with the most followers!

1. Super Junior’s Siwon - 2,737,404 followers
In first place we have Super Junior’s Choi Siwon! Being one of the most active celebrity in Korea, who wouldn’t have guessed that this guy right here had the most followers. Not only is he active when it comes to promoting with Super Junior and in acting in various dramas, but he also loves to communicate with all his fans, update them on where’s he at, and be the Shisus he is. Always talking about his love for God.

2. Super Junior’s Donghae - 2,390,745 followers
Up in second is none other than Siwon’s fellow groupmate, Donghae! Similar as Siwon, he loves to update his fans with his current locations and activities. He loves posting a lot of selcas of himself for fans to see and even leave sweet messages to them. Even a simple goodnight can make any fan scream. I also love the fact that his tweets are sometimes in Chinese, Korean or in English. He really tries his best to communicate with all of us.

3. Super Junior’s Leeteuk - 1,762,197 followers
Next, we have one of the most responsible leaders out there who was given the responsibility to take care of Super Junior members, Leeteuk! Always caring for ELFs, and saying how thankful he is to each and everyone who always supported them, who wouldn’t want to follow this guy and learn something from him everyday. Selcas are also a plus point too!

4. Super Junior’s Yesung - 1,644,851 followers
Super Junior members continue to dominate as one of the most followed idols in Twitter, and this time it’s Yesung! Despite only having a total of 500 tweets, this guy right here with powerful vocals, is always more than willing to post numerous amounts of selcas when he’s not busy. Like seriously, when you check out his tweets, there’s not one where there’s no photo attached to it. He’s such a sweet guy!

6. Super Junior’s Eunhyuk - 1,339,452 followers
Here, we have Super Junior’s dancing machine, Eunhyuk! This guy right here always updates us with his trips to places all around the world. Making us view the awesome spots of different places together with his fellow members, and even sometimes making us quite envious because he was able to go to places we’ve never been before. Besides that, he just pretty much attracts followers with what he’s doing, some handsome selcas, gifts from fans, and his adorable dog, Choco.

8. Super Junior’s Ryeowook - 1,290,114 followers
Here we are again with yet another Super Junior member and this time it’s Ryeowook! Are you guys tired of them yet? I hope you’re not because it’s definitely not over yet. What makes him part of the most followed Twitter account is mainly because he just loves to update us with almost anything especially with the help of his selcas. Not only that, but he also loves to communicate with other idols who have accounts! Replying on to their tweets, you can really see how friendly he is towards everyone.

10. Super Junior’s Shindong - 1,125,031 followers
Last but not the least, up in tenth place is Shindong! He’s a really funny and fun guy. He loves to tweet photos of himself that just brings smiles and laughter to everyone around him. His tweets are always so interesting to read, that you can’t help but to check on his account from time to time.

Just last two years ago, we also posted about the Top 10 most followed KPOP idols, and comparing the list from before and now, you can really see how much fans all of them gained in just a short while. Other than that, you can see that Super Junior has yet again dominated the charts of the most followed idols. They sure have a lot of fans!
Via Ningin Blog
*WOW...Super Junior conquer almost the top 10

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