Thursday, 4 October 2012

BoA and Super Junior K.R.Y to sing trot songs in honor of legendary composer Shi-Choon Park

BoA and Super Junior K.R.Y (KyuhyunRyeowook, and Yesung) will sing trot songs for an anniversary concert.
On October 9th, a concert will be held to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of legendary composer Shi-Choon Park. At this concert, BoA will be singing “Be Strong Geumsoon“, and Super Junior K.R.Y will be singing “Pleasant 18 Year Old“. The two will not be singing the original versions, but will be singing an edited version that they interpreted themselves with a modern style.
Other big singers such as Joo Hyun Mi and Kim Bum Soo will also participate in the concert with more of Shi-Choon Park’s famous songs.
The Korea Singer-songwriter Association said, “The passion for K-Pop is blowing up all over the world, but this is just the beginning. A 2nd BoA, a 2nd Psy has to be born. The support we have now is from all the sweat and effort of uncountable popular culture artists. The efforts of people like Shi-Choon Park played a tremendous role in it. The commemorative concert will be a meaningful event where the music industry’s sunbaes and hoobaes can think about the significance and historical meaning.
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