Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Choi Si-won's good looks

Choi Si-won's good looks allowed him to look like the leisurely top star that he is.
New SBS drama "The King of Dramas" revealed a steal cut of Choi Si-won shining in his aura during scene.
Choi Si-won takes on the role of Kang Hyeon-min, a stop star all over Asia for his gentle and outstanding image but hates thinking deeply and just like his simple character, falls in love just as easily too.
Choi Si-won is good looking enough for anyone and his leisurely actions leave a deep impression on those who watch him.
It is also said that Choi visits the sets everyday even when it's not his turn to shoot to get used to the atmosphere of the drama.
Choi is pulling off the role of the right and gentle Kang Hyeon-min a 100%. He is going to be an attractive character in contrast to his good looks.
Meanwhile, "The King of Dramas" is about the various happenings when Anthony Kim who only thinks about money, rookie writer Lee Go-eun (Jeong Ryeo-won) who is full of humanity and Kang Hyeon-min (Choi Si-won), a top star get together. To be aired on the 5th of November after "Faith".

Source : www.newsen.com/news_v... ( English )
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