Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Comedienne Kim Young Lee Says Leeteuk is the Oldest-Looking in Super Junior

It must′ve been the day for comediennes to build up their courage to diss hot celebrities. 

On the October 29 broadcast of Gag Concert, during the skit, ‘Comedic Actresses,’ Kim Young Hee announced that she was going to sue Leeteuk. 

As a comedienne, who repeats over and over again that she is only 29 years old and not an old lady, Kim Young Hee shared an encounter with the idol star.

“One year ago, I appeared as a guest for a radio program that Super Junior is in charge of,” said Kim Young Hee. “There, Leeteuk saw me and said, ‘Please do your best, nuna’ and bowed to me like a folder.”

The kicker was that Kim Young Hee was not older than Leeteuk, but the same age. “And what’s more, his birthday is faster than mine!” added the comedienne. 

Kim Young Hee mentioned the fact to Leeteuk who didn’t believe her. But when he searched her birthday online, he expressed his shock and then went around and showed every staff member that Kim Young Hee was older than him. 

“Even if the world was square, he probably wouldn’t have been as shocked as he was that day,” said Kim Young Hee, with the audience’s laughter ringing in her ears. 

At the end of her part, Kim Young Hee faced the camera and sent out a shout out to Leeteuk, saying “Is just saying, ‘Hey Young Hee~’ too hard for you? Leeteuk! Listen carefully! Idols are supposed to look young, but in Super Junior, you’re the oldest looking!” 

Meanwhile, Leeteuk has yet to respond to Kim Young Hee’s comedy sketch. He will be enlisting in the army on October 30. 

Photo Credit: KBS, SM Entertainment

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